Bags are so much more than just receptacles for your essentials – the right Sinbono Ladies Hand bag can pull off your entire look and be a bold style statement.

Most people have at least a few purses in their closets. And just like shoes, each one serves a different purpose, dressing an outfit up or down and matching the wearer’s individual style. So what’s the secret to finding the right bag?

Read our guide to nine different types of bags that are essential for any wardrobe.

Shoulder Bags:

This support gets its name from how it is worn: it is thrown over one shoulder. They vary in size but are usually large enough to hold all your essentials, making them one of the most functional and popular types of bags. Shoulder bags are perfect for casual and everyday occasions, so it’s a good idea to have one in a neutral color.

Cross Body:

This single-strap design also gets its name from the way it is worn. Usually smaller than a shoulder bag, the shoulder bag still allows you to have your hands free. It’s perfect for running errands, social events, traveling, and any scenario where you want to keep your essentials without being overwhelmed. Considering it can be worn day or night, it’s a great style to stock in different shapes, colors, and fabrics.


These medium-sized bags are usually carried with two short handles, although they sometimes have a long shoulder strap for easy carrying. Beautiful and durable, they resemble padded briefcase that usually holds books, magazines, and laptops. Wear it to enhance your look on campus or in corporate attire.

Tote Bag:

Consider it a solution for everyday use. A large single-compartment pouch that normally does not close makes it easy to put items on or off the go. While bags are usually made from durable everyday fabrics like canvas or nylon, bags are made from a variety of materials and can even be a high-end office option with high-quality, structured fabrics like leather.

Evening Clutch:

These glamorous handhelds are usually evening accessories, although the formality can range from moderate to very sophisticated. A sequined or beaded handbag is worthy of a trendy prom or even a wedding, and the discreet design can be taken to happy hour or a date. This smaller style can offer more versatility – some have detachable straps and some even have purses.

Backpack Purse

Not just for college students, this utilitarian style is a sophisticated take on a campus classic, allowing you to live your best adult life without the hassle of digging through your purse. Backpacks vary in size – some are very small – but many are large enough to hold tablets and laptops. This casual style is best for travel, weekend errands, and coffee hangouts with friends.

Woven basket bag

The style has come and gone since it was first popularized by Jane Birkin in the 1960s. And it’s still popular in bohemian wardrobes thanks to organic materials like rattan, straw, vine, and raffia. This style often has a sandy beige hue and can include beads, tassels. And shells, making it the perfect holiday style.

Hobo bag

This large, awkward half-moon holder looks more glamorous than its name suggests. It’s a timeless, modern option for many scenarios, including the casual weekend, road trip, or night out with friends. It looks classy but never takes effort, and that’s the beauty of this bag.