Men often delay seeking medical attention for sexual problems because they are embarrassed. This delay can delay the diagnosis of serious underlying conditions. Erectile dysfunction is often related to other medical conditions, and is often an early warning sign of progressive coronary disease. Therefore, it’s important to discuss any issues with your doctor, and to have him ask about your sexual function, especially if you’re unsure of what’s causing your problem.


Diabetes and erectile dysfunction are closely related diseases. This leads to impaired blood glucose levels, causing the penis to become less responsive to erectile stimuli. Despite the close connection, the causes of erectile dysfunction are still poorly understood. Some experts believe that a poorly controlled state of diabetes can damage the nerves and blood flow to the penis, leading to erectile dysfunction. Cenforce 100 and Cenforce 200 are best medicines to treat erectile dysfunction.

Fortunately, diabetes and erectile dysfunction are often treatable and there are many treatment options available. For some men with ED, reducing blood sugar levels will improve erectile function and sexual desire. Other treatment options may include weight loss or increased testosterone levels. A specialist can help determine the cause of the problem and determine how to treat it.

Diabetics should eat a diet that is friendly to their body. This diet will help control blood sugar levels and lessen damage to blood vessels, as well as improve energy levels and mood. A dietitian can help adjust an individual’s diet to meet their needs. Those with diabetes should also avoid alcohol, which can damage the blood vessels and affect erections.

Those with diabetes are at risk for many other diseases, including erectile dysfunction. The condition can also make men more vulnerable to high blood pressure. High blood sugar levels also damage the nerves of the penis. These nerves play a vital role in the erection process. Similarly, high levels of unhealthy fats and cholesterol can impede the formation of firm erections.

Heart disease

Men with erectile dysfunction have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease than those with a normal erectile function. This risk is heightened in men who are older and have heart disease, according to a study from the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis. The study involved more than 1,900 men and looked at their cardiovascular history.

Men with ED were twice as likely to have a heart attack, cardiac arrest, and death from sudden cardiac arrest. They were also twice as likely to experience a fatal or non-fatal stroke. The study also found a link between ED and cardiovascular disease, including obesity and hypertension. Both ED and heart disease are common in people with metabolic syndrome, which includes high blood sugar and high blood pressure. Get Cenforce 150 from best online pharmacy Generic cures.

In fact, ED and cardiovascular disease are closely linked. ED is caused by a reduction in blood flow to the penis, which can affect the arteries throughout the body. The good news is that ED is treatable and ED-related heart disease can be treated.

The causes of erectile dysfunction vary, but heart disease is the most common cause. This disease can affect the flow of blood to different parts of the body, affecting erections. High blood pressure, clots, and other heart-related complications can damage blood vessels. In fact, ED is often one of the first symptoms of heart disease, and some medications for heart disease can cause erectile dysfunction.

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