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Lawyers have long ago performed routine tasks in which they were underqualified and they’ve overcharged. In times of boom, during a market for sellers, there was no reason for law firms that were successful due to best lawyers in Pakistan and property lawyer in Lahore to be stymied by the task of providing services in more innovative and efficient methods. In the present, however as the demands on costs from clients increase and new service providers are created and new technologies are developed, it’s not a good idea for any business to not think about ways it can operate differently. However, I have noticed that traditional methods have made by best lawyers in Pakistan and property lawyer in Lahore not changed in any significant way. They aren’t yet embracing new methods of work.


This is in part a matter of change management in the sense that law firms tend to get so caught up in serving their clients and achieving their own financial goals that they have little time for internal changes. It isn’t easy to replace a wheel on a car moving. It’s also an issue that is primarily an issue of structure, as many law firms are still striving.


In the old textblog, the broad-based pyramidal structure is described by best lawyers in Pakistan and property lawyer in Lahore while other methods of sourcing require the revision or even rejection of the model. If we’re honest, there’s an underlying reluctance by the majority of partners in many companies of believing they require a change. There is a tendency, in other words, to stick to old methods of work with the expectation that soon there will be strong growth in the economy (from the economic downturn, Brexit, or whatever) and business as usual will be restored.

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Prospects of Law Firms If the research and forecasts in Blog One in this publication are accurate legal firms of best lawyers in Pakistan and property lawyer in Lahore over the next 10 years and even beyond are driven through their clientele to cut their expenses. This is the essence of the more-for-less effort. For many firms, despite their present hesitation, I believe that this will eventually lead to the development and implementation of strategies for alternative sourcing. In turn, we’ll see ending leverage at the most, this pyramid (with attorneys at the very top, and more experienced lawyers at the bottom) will change from best lawyers in Pakistan and property lawyer in Lahore being broad-based to narrow-based.

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Firms will no longer be able to aspire to create a team of young lawyers to be the source of their profits. “To be able to survive,” in the phrases from Theodore Levitt (in his seminal article entitled “Marketing Myopia”) lawyers will have to plan the demise of the current practices that make their lives. As time passes, some firms could be the best lawyers in Pakistan and property lawyer in Lahore they may decide to eliminate their trainee lawyers and junior lawyers, or even stop hiring their lawyers. They could then employ the help of partners with high-powered skills and, for example, an associate, for instance, and their routine tasks will be carried out by associates.