Hollywood Feed

The Hollywood Feed chain has grown from 104 locations to 180. It’s expanding into five new states, from Texas to Pennsylvania to Florida. The company is also hiring, adding more than 3,000 new employees. With this new expansion, the company has a “pack” of employees that work together to meet the needs of customers. The chain has an employee appreciation program and provides its employees with benefits.

PetPeople Holdings

Founded in 1950, Memphis-based pet products retailer Hollywood Feed has announced plans to merge with PetPeople Holdings, LLC. The acquisition will add 180 stores in five new states, and increase the chain’s overall footprint by more than a third. The combined company will employ more than 1,200 employees. The acquisition is a major strategic move for Hollywood Feed, which has grown rapidly due to its aggressive marketing strategy.

Founded in 1950, PetPeople provides pet food, pet supplies, grooming services, and other essentials. It also supports local animal rescue organizations. The combined company plans to invest $175 million in the expansion of its online pet store. It is unclear if the combined company will also invest in expanding its physical stores. But one thing is clear: the combined company plans to invest in local animal rescue groups. This move will benefit both companies’ bottom line and their communities.

The company also made an acquisition of two companies in the past year, including an online pet store. The company acquired PetPeople Holdings in February of 2022. Besides being the largest pet retailer in California, PetPeople also has a presence in more than 30 states. The acquisitions will allow the company to expand in other states, including New Jersey and Virginia. They plan to grow at a rapid rate and become the go-to spot for pet supplies.

This acquisition will allow the company to increase its store count by more than 100 stores and add five states.  The company has a sophisticated e-commerce platform and a 180,000-square-foot warehouse equipped with leading-edge technology. The company also has a fleet of seventeen tractor-trailer rigs that can make same-day deliveries. In addition, it offers curbside pickup at its retail locations.


Previously known as PetPeople, Hollywood Feed offers the highest quality food and treats for your pets, USA-made dog and cat treats, and bed options. The staff is well-trained, with over 40 hours of annual training. They also offer knowledgeable advice on pet care and products that are sure to please both you and your pet. In addition to their high-quality products, Hollywood Feed is dedicated to helping pet owners make informed choices.

The move is expected to increase sales by 20% to $40 million, and is good news for all pet owners. The combined companies will be able to offer a wider selection of products and services to their customers. The acquisition of PetPeople will expand their geographical footprint, number of employees, and reach. The companies are also committed to supporting local animal rescue organizations. This expansion will allow them to better serve their local communities and expand their customer base.

Besides their 180 brick-and-mortar stores, Hollywood Feed also has an impressive e-commerce platform. They operate an 180,000-square-foot warehouse equipped with cutting-edge technology and 17 tractor-trailer rigs for fast delivery. The company also offers curbside pickup in most of its stores and same-day delivery within 10 miles. You can even order online and pick it up at your favorite store!

The new company will have 180 stores throughout the United States. Customers can expect same-day delivery and curbside pickup. The company will be able to offer customers a variety of products and services and will provide customer service that is second to none.

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