For us at the publication, Sephora is the holy grail of cosmetics stores. For many of us, our first purchase of personal cosmetics was made at Sephora (and likely a holiday gift card). Whether you’re a regular beauty junkie who can’t go a week without visiting, or a sporadic shopper who only comes once a year to stock up on the basics, you’ll never forget the excitement you felt on your first visit.

As a result, every time the annual Sephora sale rolls around, our company’s Slack channel turns into a veritable circus. The debate over which products are best for certain skin tones, hair types, and cosmetic trends is never ending, but it can become particularly heated every November when Sephora has a 20% off sale.


I’m not a huge fan of foundation as a cosmetic product. I’m not usually one to stock up on cosmetics, but whenever Sephora has a sale, I can’t resist picking up this foundation. Light and airy, it applies like a serum and feels wonderful on the skin.

It’s one of my go-to options when I need a lightweight cover or something that can be thrown up fast for an excursion. What’s even better? It’s simple to remove in the shower after a long day (I despise having to scrape off my makeup). Since my go-to shade varies with the seasons, I like to restock whenever Sephora has a major seasonal sale.


I’m a great admirer of Kosas goods in general, but their new foundation has me giddy with delight. Unlike any other foundation, the one I purchased on sale at Sephora not only covers up my imperfections (like foundations should) but also makes my skin seem naturally glowing.

In addition, I love the how it makes my skin feel and look, which is saying a lot given that I often go for targeted solutions. Caffeine (it really helps with my under-eye bags), hyaluronic acid, and squalene are all potent ingredients commonly found in skincare products, and this basically works instantly to cover imperfections when you put it on and over time to remove imperfections thanks to the ingredients on sephora black friday.

In particular, I felt that I required less highlighter around my nose and eyes, but warned: this stuff is very highlighter. After a little dusting of translucent powder over the foundation, those areas still appear luminous without being as greasy.

Dream Oasis Penetration Serum, a Hydrating Serum

Because my complexion is “combination,” I have to be careful about using products that promise to be particularly hydrating or exfoliating because they either irritate my skin or cause it to break out when exposed to extreme temperatures. Maintaining homeostasis is difficult, but I may have found the key.

The newest serum from Summer Fridays has anti-inflammatory ingredients including colloidal oatmeal, chamomile, and aloe, despite its name (that hyaluronic acid, however!). The sooner I would have bought this lotion, the better for my skin. The consistency is soothing and airy, but it manages to keep me feeling hydrated all day long. This product works well with my atypically complicated skin. When this item goes on sale at Sephora, I will definitely be picking it up.

Hair rinse made with apple cider vinegar (DIRECTIONS FOR USE)

I’ve never thought of my hair as a gift, even though I believe everyone has at least one. The women in my family have a severe hair complex since our hair is so thin and prone to frizz. A lot of money has spent on volumizing, thickening, and hydrating hair products throughout the years because of this issue. I like to switch up my hair care routine by trying various shampoos and conditioners, but the dpHUE Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse has been a staple in my bathroom for years.

Since switching to this treatment once or twice a week in place of shampoo, I’ve seen a significant decrease in the frequency and severity of damage and split ends. As a health nut, I really appreciate the vital ingredient, which is a superfood that helps balance the pH of the scalp for long-term hair health and results in a significant difference in shine after use. Plus, I was afraid that my hair would take on an unpleasant apple cider vinegar fragrance after trying this, but that was not the case.


This brow pencil was my go-to for a long time. So that I never run out, I always make sure to get one whenever Sephora has a sale. It’s easy to use and consistently yields high-quality results in terms of both tonal balance and granularity. The Brow Wiz, along with a few other items of makeup, is the first thing I reach for every morning before I leave the house.


This moisturizer has featured on the blog before since it is one of the few skincare products I consistently purchase. Conveniently on sale at Sephora Love how light it is without sacrificing hydration. My skin appeared younger and better after using it. In addition to using it as a moisturizer, I also like to mix a few drops of self-tanner into it. In spite of the fact that just a little amount is needed each time, the bigger 4.2 ounce bottle is what I usually buy since I plan on using it often and will need to replenish my supply soon.

By Alberta