Does Massage Make You Lose Weight?

It’s no longer a secret that losing weight is the perfect combination of healthy eating and regular physical training.  Airdrie To Calgary Fitness pros tend to say that weight loss is 70% from food (low in fats and sugars, rich in protein, green vegetables, and legumes), 20% from sport (minimum 20 minutes per day), and 10% of the care that you are going to bring. The process is difficult, but when you start to see the results, it’s all worth it. But because weight loss is hard work, you have to give yourself small pleasures and accompany this work. However, massage can help you lose weight and regain the silhouette you dream of. We give you all our beauty tips.

How To Lose Belly Fat?

Massage is a wonderful way to energize your body, de-stress and relax. A good massage can have a stimulating effect on your digestive organs and can therefore relieve constipation, nausea and allow your body to get the most out of the food it receives. It boosts your metabolism, blood circulation and helps relax sore muscles after a workout. We can never say enough how important it is to take care of your body to feel better, love yourself better, and therefore motivate yourself to lose weight.

Is It Good to Massage the Belly?

Massages reduce the dimpling that accompanies the accumulation of fat, better known as cellulite. You can perform anti-cellulite and anti-orange peel skin massages yourself by purchasing an exfoliating glove. This exfoliating glove will exfoliate, destroy dead cells, unify your complexion, it instantly purifies the surface of the skin in the form of a scrub. We will replace the traditional horsehair glove or kessa (the hammam glove that cleans with black soap) or even silk with a double-sided hemp exfoliating glove , one side to exfoliate deeply, a softer side to clean gently.

How To Massage Your Belly Alone?

One study compared the effect of three different types of massage mechanical, manual lymphatic drainage , and connective tissue manipulation on different parts of the body. The results were as follows: fat loss occurred in all cases, as indicated by abdominal fat thickness, thigh circumference, and thigh fat thickness. It works on all skin types. The orange peel effect has also been reduced and the skin in the belly area is plumped up.

Massage Can Complement Exercise

A good massage with the right gestures after an intense training session can be the ideal complement. This is why your fitness trainers so often indulge in a massage, to help reduce muscle tension, increase range of motion, reduce puffiness, decrease muscle stiffness, sculpt the figure and even prevent injury. But treatments in a sports center or a SPA are very expensive (price between 40 and 90 eur). We warmly recommend the SPA house by learning the best techniques to feel and roll.

Massages Improve Blood Circulation And Metabolism

Good blood circulation promotes the supply of nutrients throughout the body. Connective tissue manipulation is a massage where soft tissues are manipulated to improve circulation. Better blood circulation leads to better metabolism, which allows you to burn more calories.
Massages when you know the right gestures improve your digestion
Massages relieve constipation, nausea, and gastrointestinal problems.

Ways To Boost the Effectiveness of Your Message

Massage is great in every way, but studies also claim that combining massage with laser or infrared therapy can enhance the effect. The researchers found that using laser light (dual low-intensity beams) gave better results than massage alone.

Having a well-proportioned body is the beauty dream of everyone, men or women. After finding a beginning of overweight or downright overweight, we are concerned about the means to regain its line. Physical activity and a suitable diet are essential. In addition to nutritional diet and sports, massage is also a popular option.

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