In today’s technology-driven world, nearly every company consumes more data in order to manage their businesses Colocation India Service is one of them. More businesses especially IT industries investing in Colocation Services because IT business requires High-level technical resources and full data center security. But the question is how Server Colocation India can be the best option to Support Cost Savings during the recession


Typically, IT owners try to reduce the complexity of their businesses without spending all of their budget on server space. It is true that colocation investment is growing, while enterprises are surely investing in these services. Buying or Purchasing your own in-house equipment is frequently viewed as a significant capital investment. 

So that’s why many organizations prefer a data center leasing service through Colocation India research said that after the pandemic internet traffic increased by 40% but maintaining this phase equally, the use of data center service via colocation increases. But the only solution that supports your business in terms of Cost-saving Data Center Strategy is Renting “Colocation Services India” next wave of cost reduction. But that is not enough about colocation because this service uniquely provides a variety of cost-saving benefits. Let’s take a closer look all the way by leveraging the expert service of a colocation provider. 

How Colocation Hosting India Can Save Your Business Money during the Recession

Many organizations are looking to cut their budget for In-house servers and considering Hardware system technology such as Colocation to operate their server in a more cost-effective manner than edge data centers. Saving your money through Colocation India has one solution and that is “Leasing Instead of Buying” the reason is much business that needs computing support are not dependent on the Cloud. Colocation and Cloud both are renewable in the IT industry but Colocation provides physical assets which are more secure, while Cloud computing Provides Virtual Storage with shared server space. However, Colocation Hosting India could save money on infrastructure and Server Space without compromising on Reliability, Fastest Network Speed, and Hightech Security access.  

Colocation Data Center Service offers a Secure Physical Place to Store your business-required equipment such as Servers, Switches, and Routers. By leasing space in a Colocation India facility which is constructed by a data center and usable for your company. This service looks like an attractive advantage while having a dedicated computing facility. Those organizations especially smaller in size struggles in many ways they can’t build a proper conductive place for their servers. Having a separate place for equipment and utilities like internet providers makes colocation a cost-effective solution for Small Size Businesses.

Let’s take a look at all the ways can save costs by leveraging Colocation Service providers in India

Colocation India

Internet providers offer flexibility for organizations to choose the required criteria to meet their unique needs by providing valuable and saving money through the leasing process. The important thing that Colocation Hosting India offers is Physical aspects such as Maintainance, updates, and Other computing equipment all these are managed by your Colocation India Hosting Provider. Here are some ways that indicate Cost-saving Solutions through Datacenter Services:

01. Leasing Instead of Buying:

Leasing Datacenter Service as Colocation gives you the option of immediately owning physical & Hardware assets without putting in too much money. So the point is leasing colocation can reduce significant capital investment in terms of buying a piece of In-house server equipment. On the other hand, Colocation Data Center in India allows you to have complete ownership of the asset without paying a massive amount. 

Along with that from controlling your server to monitoring your system equipment, everything is quite easy with Colocation but remember just to require a little technical knowledge. Here are some expenditures that include in Colocation Services and Cost Saving Solution too:

  • Upfront Investment:

The cost-saving way is to “lease a Colocation” because building your own new data center requires a 25% cost Upfront from spending with preliminary planning and designing.

  • Permits and Taxes:

Before constructing a data center service you must ensure that you have paid some percentage of taxes in terms of the right permissions and documentation. It also depends on the land, quality of electricity outages, and per square foot. 

  •  Building Costs:

Costs can quickly add up to today’s companies, planning your own building in-house require more money per square foot in order to build necessary tools such as Physical security, Cooling Systems Components, and other requirable technical systems.  

02. Built-in Scalability with Colocation India:

The construction of a new data center is simply out of reach for many businesses due to their lack of financial resources and flexible time-to-market strategies. In this way, Colocation India is a more cost-effective and budget-friendly service with In-build Scalability computing resources.

 In addition to eliminating high investment in data center service thanks to Serverwala’s Carrier Neutral Data Center Facility, through Colocation Services in India they offer Highclass Security, Reliability, and Scalability. So the business can always scale its environment Up without paying for more resources than required. This service offers scalable resources solution in possible cost-effective ways as per demands.

03. Reducing On-site Complexity:

The third and most important thing that colocation offers to its customers is reducing on-site complexity. This is another cost-saving solution in terms of getting reducing the number of complex systems through the data center’s main headquarters and branch offices. With Colocation India you will get business support in a secure technical place, where the IT team (Hands of Experts) can keep your server under a secure critical computing environment. 

At the same time, Server Colocation India enables secure Visibility, colocation cuts your massive budgets due to the recession to Prevent Ransomware Attacks into their environment and activity. So reducing complexity is also a beneficial resource with a range of tangible advantages.  

04. Reliability to Prevent Downtime Costs:

As you know facing downtime issues typically can harm your target audience and impact your business, especially when your business is worldwide you should consider reliability to prevent downtime. According to the survey the average downtime across industries costs 5,000 $ per minute. But with a trust-worthy Colocation India provider such as Serverwala, you can get 99.90% guaranteed Server Uptime with a lower latency level and always-on dependability. 

According to the uptime institute if your server is getting more than 99.50% then you are on a lower-but-still-significant uptime ratio. Sometimes purchasing Single Downtime Service for your enterprises can be costly in terms of operating your Critical Application. That’s why Serverwala TIER-III Data Center service through Colocation Services in India offers Real-Time Monitoring Of Network & Redundant Power supply with Leasing Colocation Service that can reduce downtime costs. 

Which Colocation Data Center in India is the Best Provider for Saving Businesses Money?

Colocation Data Center in India

The important thing about saving money through colocation we had discussed but the thing is starting to find a trusted Advisor & Partner. Who will help to solve all your server needs and help to guide you in terms of business requirements tools is such a critical task. But Serverwala Cloud Data Centers Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading Colocation Providers in INDIA as well as in the USA to discover all your IT company Server needs. 

As far as Physical Security aspects Serverwala offers Carrier Neutral Data Center Facility that ensures the full security of your data and its transmission at the best level. Advanced Security Systems such as Video Surveillance, Biometrics, Armed guards, and Fire Alarm safety systems prevent unnecessary kind of fire hazards. Colocation Services India through Serverwala ensures that you will get properly maintained world-class infrastructure with Reliability with Minimizing the cost. Here are some ways to save  money through Serverwala:

  • Redundant Power
  • Lower Energy Costs
  • Reduced Bandwidth Expenses
  • Software Configuration
  • Hardware Ownership

Leasing Colocation Service by serverwala can reduce significant capital expenditure, users would get global reach through their Global Network of data centers. A professional team that supports you 24/7 and is always ready to assist you when you need their guidance.  


At the end of this article, we get that the Cost of renting a colocation is better than owning your in-house server. Collocating your IT infrastructure to a data center reduces the amount of Several in-housing facility Systems, so that’s why this article is all about “How Colocation India can be a Cost-saving Tool for Businesses” you don’t need to consider such as electricity and security systems. 

Because all are done with your Colocation Provider as Serverwala you can go and check their plans and prices of colocation. If you think this is the best match for your requirement then you can continue with their service. All is depending on your requirement and budget, but you will get all advanced & high-performing IT system facilities from the Serverwala India Colocation Data Center.