UAE is the region where the majority of the population is Muslim. There is a misconception about UAE that the government needs to allow the people of other religions to celebrate their religious festivals. It is not true as the government and the general public of UAE welcome the people of other religions open-heartedly. Whether Hindu, Sikh, or Christian, you can celebrate your religious festivals with your friends and family. No matter which country you come from, you can take some days off to celebrate Christmas. Dubai, Qatar, and Sharjah have now become multi-cultural cities, and the students studying in the universities of UAE are a part of these cities. There 13% of Christians residing in UAE need to celebrate their religious festival of Christmas on 25th December every year.

As 25th December is not an official holiday in UAE, the students new to UAE universities are afraid that they will be able to celebrate Christmas. There is good news for all Christian students studying in UAE universities: they can not only celebrate Christmas but also take leave from the university and hire university assignment help in UAE to celebrate it relaxed.

How to Celebrate Christmas at University?

Whether you are a Christian student studying at the University of Dubai or elsewhere in UAE, you can leave the premises if and when needed. It has been observed that the Christian students who study in Dubai universities and don’t want to leave the premises also have fun on Christmas. They exchange gifts with their classmates who belong to the same community. They get dressed up in the best apparel available and arrange dinners.

Christmas Holiday Attractions in Dubai?

Dubai is famous worldwide for shopping, and the desert safari offers many other attractions for people who want to spend Christmas in Dubai. The college and university students who study in Dubai, far away from their families, also need to celebrate the festival of Christmas. No matter how busy they are with their studies, they can take a couple of days’ leave to celebrate Christmas with their university friends and classmates of the same religion. The following are some of the most popular activities for people looking for Christmas celebrations.

The national day celebrations of UAE fall on 2nd December and several shopping malls are left decorated for Christmas after those celebrations. If you want to see the Christmas decorations and trees, the best places to visit are Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The best thing the students feel fortunate about when celebrating Christmas in Dubai is the required apparel. The students who come to Dubai universities from western countries don’t have to wear layers of clothing to avoid the winter chills. Many Christian students have to hire University assignment help in UAE to celebrate Christmas. All they have to carry when celebrating Christmas in Dubai is a pair of sunglasses and sunscreen lotion.

Dubai Beaches

The beaches of Dubai are the favorite place to visit for most people year-round. Still, university students especially visit them during their Christmas holidays when they miss their families more than usual. The young university students visit these beaches in December to celebrate Christmas with their Christian friends. Celebrating Christmas at a Dubai beach with friends is a unique experience as in most western countries Christmas falls on days when everything is covered in snow.

Christmas Decoration

Abu Dhabi is another city in UAE that the Christian community likes to visit. A five-star hotel in Abu Dhabi called the Palace Hotel has a Christmas tree that is the most expensive in the world as it is decorated with products worth millions of dollars. It is not the only Christmas tree in UAE. The Christmas trees can be found in many shopping malls churches and homes.

Visit the Opera Theatre

Christian students who love music and want to spend their Christmas especially should visit the Opera Theatre Dubai and enjoy an evening most memorable. You will surely make memories that will be a treasure to keep forever.

Make a Trip to Christmas Market

The people visiting Dubai think that the western world is the only region where markets stay open for Christmas and are well-decorated according to the occasion. It is not true, as Dubai is where the markets are decorated and stay open 7 days a week so the Christian community can shop for Christmas. Recently, the markets have started many new things that are an added attraction for Christmas shoppers; these include mulled grape juice, hot chocolate drinks and cakes, several unique gifts, and stocking fillers. The things sold in the market are not so expensive, and you can buy many things at budget-friendly rates. Though the Ripe markets are set up every week near Christmas, it is much more fun as some workshops and entertainers are Santa’s helpers.

Visit Ski Dubai with Friends

Most people think that Dubai is a hot place and skiing in Dubai is just impossible. Ski Dubai is an artificial indoor Ski resort spread on 22,500 square meters of land. The temperature of 1-2 degrees Celsius is maintained in this ski park. No matter what time of year, you can go to this park whenever you like. To get the real feel of Christmas weather, the university students of Dubai who are Christian and want to celebrate Christmas can go skiing in Dubai and spend some merry moments there. It’s a wonderful place to visit with friends and family. It is located in the Mall of The Emirates, one of the world’s largest malls.

If you are a university student looking for a place to visit to enjoy Christmas, there are plenty of activities that you can enjoy.