Identify which blogs make guest posts and check the domain authorities

Although contacting blogs that perform this strategy does not mean that they accept your proposal, you are more likely to be able to do guest blogging with those sites that are willing to ally with other bloggers.

Also, it is important to check the domain authority of the blogs you have selected to collaborate with. Those with a low authority are not a good option because they can harm your site.

You can use different tools to verify this data. In Moz’s Open Site Explorer, if you enter the address of the site in the URL field and click on Search, you will be able to find out the authority of the domains you want.

Contact partners

Once you have created a list of associated blogs and have selected the topics, send an email to those responsible inviting them to exchange posts with you. Argue why collaboration can be interesting.

It is important to send a concrete and clear proposal. Do not hesitate to propose several topics, so that you can have more opportunities.

Before contacting potential partners, you can gradually get closer to them, through comments on the blog, on social networks or by sharing their content. So they can get to know you before sending your proposal.


When they accept your proposal, it is time to start writing the post. To do this, we recommend some aspects that you should take into account when doing it:

  • In order to meet the delivery date defined with the partner, you must organize yourself.
  • Include ad posts in the editorial calendar
  • Meet the minimum number of words that has been established
  • You must adapt both the format and the language to the editorial line of the blog where your post will be published.
  • The content created has to add value to the readers
  • Do not advertise your services or products
  • Do not load your link post
  • Deliver the text with the most correct format, with headings, highlights, quality images, etc.

Where to do Guest Blogging

It is essential to adhere to the conditions that you have agreed to make the guest post, because if you make a mistake you will not be able to write on that blog again and the author may tell his circle of friends about it, thus closing off other possibilities.

To make the search for pages where you can perform guest blogging much easier, we provide you with a list of blogs where you can perform this strategy.


ÓptimaWeb is a different agency. Our work philosophy makes us unique. We listen to our customers and work side by side with them. This is the only way we can offer you the most efficient marketing solutions for your online business that allow you to achieve all your goals.

Convert visits to your website into sales, attract new customers and build loyalty. From óptimaWeb, we help you achieve all this and more.

You can do guest blogging with us. At ÓptimaWeb we deal with issues of digital marketing, SEO positioning, web design, social media… Do not hesitate to send us your suggestions!

PopCorn Studio

It is a   2.0 audiovisual production company located in the center of  Zaragoza  that arises from the affinity for the world of audiovisual arts. They develop any kind of professional projects. They make all kinds of audiovisual products such as sound, image, creative construction of concepts…

SemRush’s blog

The theme of this blog is very varied since you can find everything from content marketing, through social networks, digital marketing, etc.

Pure Marketing

It is a national digital magazine that talks about marketing, business, advertising and social media.

Marketing and Web

This blog covers content of digital marketing, social media, SEO, etc. Although he does not have a guide for guest authors, you can contact him so that he can provide them for you.

Jose Facchin

José is the content director of SemRush in Spain and has his own personal blog and the themes are digital marketing, content, and social networks.

CM Classroom Blog

This school of Communication and Digital Marketing has a marketing and social media blog where you can collaborate on various topics related to digital marketing.

Guide for guest authors at ÓptimaWeb

As you can see, doing guest blogging allows you to obtain multiple benefits. If you want to do Guest Blogging with us, these are the instructions that your post must comply with.

Article content

  • We must find an interesting topic for your guest article (although you can propose us a couple of topics).
  • Keep in mind that Google prefers quality articles
  • Choose the possible titles and indicate the most important keywords of the post so that we can check its SEO relevance and if it fits with our audience.
  • The article must have at least 1500 words, since the articles published on our blog have this length on average.
  • Make sure the topic you choose isn’t one we’ve already talked about on our blog.
  • The theme always has to be related to digital marketing (graphic design, SEO positioning, social media, adwords, campaigns, etc). You can take a look at our services to get an approximate idea of ​​the topics to be discussed.
  • Content may not be duplicated. Therefore, it has to be ORIGINAL CONTENT.
  • Write a short lead to introduce and define both the topic and the person writing it.
  • You can include 1 link to articles on your blog, as long as the link is natural and is not perceived as spam.
  • The links cannot link to the home page, to the pages of commercial services or products, to the capture of leads or to the download of eBooks and tenas affiliation.
  • Do not use keyword anchor text in the link you include in your guest post. We can discard or change the anchor text of the links, especially those that attack keywords with which we position.
  • Link when necessary.
  • Please respond to comments as soon as possible, it is important to take care of our community.

writing style

  • The language should be simple, and not very technical, so that the content is easy to read and understand. If you use technical terms, explain them very well or link to definitions on our blog or Wikipedia.
  • Do not use capital letters to highlight words, because we do not usually use this style on the blog, and it would break the aesthetics of it.
  • Try to highlight key phrases or ideas in your article through bold, but without abusing them.
  • Use several subheadings within the same post, and separate the content into paragraphs that are not very long (3 or 4 lines maximum).
  • Use synonyms whenever you can so that the content is not repetitive and redundant.
  • Be very careful with both writing and spelling.
  • Review the post before sending it.

Deadlines and forms of delivery of the post

  • The presentation of the post must be in a Word file
  • Model within the Word file the post as you would like it to be published on the web (approx).
  • Include the links in hyperlink format in those words that you want to link, within the Word file.
  • The publication date will be established between the two and delivery must be at least 15 days before.

Layout and editing of articles

  • We reserve the right to make changes to the articles, in those aspects that are necessary to improve reading, optimize the structure of keywords and SEO.
  • We may include links to other articles that may be of interest to users.
  • We can change the anchor text of the links or not accept them if they affect the positioning of our blog.
  • The editing team will have the last decision regarding the design or the structure of the content when laying out the post, so that it is visually optimal compared to the rest of the blog content.

If you want to collaborate with us, send us your proposal by writing to

Thank you for your time and your collaboration!


Although the main objective of the post is to attract traffic to the web, filling the content with links is not the solution. For this you must use other SEO strategies.

Users today are saturated with information. For this reason, we must make ourselves noticed and provide an added and differential value. Although this can be complicated, you can achieve it by adding content such as images, videos, proper HTML formatting, and talking about topics you know.

We can say, then, that guest blogging serves multiple aspects.

To do branding

Thanks to guest blogging we become experts in the eyes of our target audience. Thus, our brand is also strengthened and benefited.

To generate networking

With guest blogging we increase relationships with bloggers, influencers and other companies. By building relationships with companies that complement us, win-win deals can flow.

to get traffic

Since the posts are published on a page, we benefit from the traffic it gets. If a blogger or company representative of a sector publishes your post, it is a recommendation for their community, making their users read your post.

To increase SEO

 When publishing on a third party’s blog, we are free to link to aspects that we consider important.

Although it is advisable not to abuse this aspect because Google can penalise your page. You should be alert and careful when linking to content.

Benefits of guest blogging

Guest blogging is one of the most common ways to enrich a blog. With this type of strategy, the advantages are not only for the person who receives the post, but also for the person who writes it.

The guest blogger benefits from writing a guest post on a blog that is not his own for several reasons. First of all, it increases his visibility as well as his professional relationships because he can talk about topics that he doesn’t usually cover and generate links to your blog.

On the other hand, the blog gains different content and the option to attract new users.

In this way, thanks to guest blogging, both parties win.

Through this technique, different and original content is provided to users and your page will increase visibility through its blog.