How to draw a braid. Hair can be tricky to draw at the best of times. It flows and moves and can take on many different styles and shapes. Still, some hairstyles can be more complicated than others, and drawing certain styles can initially seem scary! The braid is one of those hairstyles that can seem intimidating to draw due to its unusual and specific structure. Despite that, like all drawing challenges, it can be easy to follow the steps!

For this reason, we have created this easy-to-use step-by-step guide on how to draw a braid in 8 easy steps to help you. You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, dog drawing, coconut drawing and many more cool drawings easy.

Drawing a Braid

Step 1:

The first thing you’ll want to start learning how to draw a braid is to use your pencil to draw a straight line across your page. We’ll use a pencil for this part, as it’s just a guide when drawing the braid. Once you’ve drawn your pencil line, you can use your pen to draw a thick, wavy line as it appears in the reference image. The reference image will give you a good idea of ​​the width of the line curves.

Step 2:

You will add the first two braids for the next step of drawing your braid. To do this, start with the one on the right. To draw it:

  1. Draw a long curved line from the crease of the curved line you drew in step 1.
  2. Use another line higher up to make the other side of the yarn. You can see how this should be spaced using the reference image.
  3. Once you’ve drawn this one, use the same process to draw the one on the left. Once you learn how to draw these two, you’ll be well prepared for the rest that follows in this guide on how to draw a braid.

Step 3:

Drawing the first two braids was the trickiest part of this process, so it only gets more accessible from here! To continue drawing the braid, use curved lines from the braids you have already drawn to the curved center line. Don’t be afraid to refer to the reference image as your proximity guide!

Step 4:

I’m sure you’re getting used to it by now, so as you draw the following four sections, scale them down a bit as you get closer to the bottom of the braid. You are doing a great job with this guide to drawing a braid!

Step 5:

For the next step in this guide on drawing a braid, you can add the last strand with an extra curved line. Once you’ve done that, you can draw the bottom of the braid using two curved lines that almost meet but don’t quite meet.

Step 6:

The middle part of your braid is almost done at this point! To finish, add a ponytail shape to the end of the braid. You can do this with curved lines and straight lines as they appear in the reference image. With the added ponytail, you’re almost there!

Step 7:

How to draw a braid

Your braid drawing is complete, so all you have to do is add some bright lines! As you can see in the reference image, these fine lines can give the appearance of separate strands of hair. You can see how you can draw these lines, and while I recommend following how they look in the picture, be bold and draw the lines in a way that works for you! There’s no right or wrong way to add details like this, so you must choose what works best.

Step 8:

How to draw a braid

The last step in this braid drawing guide is the most fun: adding color! We’ve shown one way to color it with the image we’ve included, but this is a step where you can show us your creativity! A fun touch you could add would be to use your hair color for your braid pattern to give it a personalized touch! You can add additional details; for example, you can draw and color your favorite hairpin in the braid.

You can also experiment with artistic coloring mediums to color your braid drawing. For example, you can use acrylic paints, watercolors, colored pens, and pencils to achieve excellent color rendition. The sky is the limit for finishing your drawing, and I know it will look great once you’re done!

Tips for drawing your braid quickly!

Find out how these tips make your braid sketch even easier to draw! A braid might not look very complicated in real life, but creating that drawing can be surprisingly complicated. If you need help drawing this braid, you can simplify the drawing. The one we created in this guide has lots of line details, which can make drawing more intimidating. You can remove many of these details, making the braid look more cartoonish. The drawing change would make the braid look different and just as cool!

For example, the braid could be attached to a cartoon character’s head. Even though this character’s face is simple, the focus will be more on that than on the face. If the focus isn’t on the braid, you don’t have to worry about including so many details. It’s also a great way to get the complete picture! One of the best ways to make this braid sketch easier would be to use something natural to help you.

Of course, that would require meeting someone with a braid in their hair. If you have long enough hair, you can ask someone to tie it into a braid and then take a photo. Or, you can ask a friend to braid your hair for you to use as a reference. If getting an actual braid to use as a template doesn’t work, then if all else fails, you could use photos online to help you draw that braid drawing!

Your braid drawing is complete!

With your colored drawing, your braid is now complete and looks great! This guide to drawing a braid in 8 easy steps has been valuable and fun for you. Drawing a braid may seem difficult at first, but it’s much easier when you have a step-by-step guide to follow. There are many fun ways to customize your braid pattern, so we’re sure to see lots of meaningful and fun variations! You can have fun trying new ways to color using different color variations and artistic tools to achieve a fantastic look.

How will you put your personal touch on your excellent braid drawing? We’ll be posting lots of new drawing guides like this, so visit our site often so that you can experience the fun! Once you’ve finished drawing and coloring your braid, we hope you’ll share it on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to admire! We always love seeing your fabulous artwork and can’t wait to see your incredible drawing.

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