How to draw Holding hands. People show their affection for their loved ones as they hold their hands. Holding your hand is a tangible way to feel connected to someone. Like any other act of intimacy, keeping the hand emits oxytocin, which facilitates bonding, connection, empathy, and confidence. The display of affection became a common subject for many works of art, including drawing. Thus, we created a step tutorial on how to pull our hands, summarized in 9 easy steps and simple illustrations.

Fortunately, with the help of this guide, you can attract two people holding their hands. Have fun, and use your imagination! You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, cat drawing, coconut drawing and many more cool drawings easy.

Drawing of Holding Hands

Step 1:

Start by drawing an irregular oval shape at the bottom of your role. It forms the ring folded on the back.

Step 2:

Draw a similar form on the left side of the nullity we designed in the previous step. It forms the complete adult on the back. Remember that the two fingers should be designed side by side, touching directly. In addition, the middle finger should be slightly longer than nullifying it. After completing this step, the ring finger and the middle finger from the back to the rear should be complete.

Step 3:

Draw a less oval form on the right flank of the nullity. He forms his little finger on his back. Remember that the little finger should be smaller than the middle finger and nullity.

Step 4:

Draw another oval form on the left flank of the center finger. It forms the index of the hand back. At this stage, the index, the middle, the ring, and the hand’s little finger on the back are now finished. Remember that the four fingers should be side by side in a slightly diagonal formation.

Step 5:

On the left side of your role, draw a thumb next to the index we designed earlier. It forms the hand thumb forward. Then draw another finger folded on the thumb we drew earlier. It forms the thumb of the hand on the back, completing all five fingers.

Step 6:

Passing in the front, proceed to draw the index finger, index finger, and ring finger perched on the hand’s four fingers on the back. When designed correctly, the front hand rests on the top of the rear hand, as shown in the illustration above. At this point, the maintenance hand should now be partially visible.

Step 7:

Draw a diagonal line of hand from hand forward until you form your little finger. After completing this step, the shape of the hand on the front should now be complete.

Step 8:

How to draw Holding hands

Draw two lines above the front hand to go back to the back. He forms the arm on his back. Then draw a curved line at the bottom to finish the hand structure at the back. As you can see, the figure of both hands holding hands finally met! Now, all that is missing are essential details to finish the drawing!

Step 9:

How to draw Holding hands

Draw irregular square shapes at each end of each finger to form the nails. Since some fingers are inclined next door, you may have to draw a square shape on some of your fingers, such as the thumb. In addition, the bottom of the ring and the little finger from the hand forward are not visible, so you can jump nails on these fingers. There you managed to hold your hand!

The colors you use on your hands depend entirely on you! But here is a tip that you can find useful: mix white, yellow, red, and blue to create a color. Depending on the complexion you are trying to make, you may need to add more of these colors. Have fun playing with the colors, and look at the hand that finally comes to life!

Make your holding hands drawing even better.

We are here to help when we show you how to improve this drawing further. Creating this holding-hands drawing was a challenge, but now we can focus on how you can add small but effective improvements. One way to do this is to add some details to the fingers. For example, people will use all types of rings, and you can add to the fingers of these hands. You may have a ring that you or someone you know have; you can use them as examples when you draw them here. What could you add to these hands? In this guide, we focus on how to facilitate hand-holding hands. It means that we do not analyze the most refined details of the texture, but now.

If you look at your own hands now, you will see small details, such as the texture of the pores, the skin, bones, and the veins. You can add realistic details to your drawing and have hands to use models on the ends of your arms! We cover the color of your drawing earlier, and now we’ll talk a little more about what you can do. You can create all skin tones and colors, but choosing the colors is just a game. You can make any color effects by playing with different art and media tools.

Mixing media, such as inks and colored pens, can help you reach different textures and intensities in a single image. The last tip we have for you to make this even better draw is to add more arms to which they are stuck. You can draw your wrists and part of the forearm, but you can also draw a shirt or blouse that also draws. How many people these arms belong to you depends on you!

Your holding hands drawing is complete!

I hope you have fun shooting your hand with the help of this step tutorial. Now that you can pull your hand, you could draw a romantic couple holding their hands from each other. Or maybe a child holding his mother’s hand?

Finishing a working prime like this is a success, so you must surely be proud of yourself! Remember to take a picture of your work and share it on our Facebook and Pinterest. Don’t be embarrassed. We’re sure it looks impressive! We look forward to seeing your real impression of the hand!

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