How to draw the Easter Bunny. Easter is one of the most colorful and celebrated holidays in the world. Each year millions of excited children wake up on the morning of Easter for chocolate treats and colorful egg hunts. These eggs would be delivered by the Easter bunny, a busy bunny that makes Easter magic occur! These holidays are special for many people, and fans of the opportunity may want to learn how to draw the Easter bunny.

If you are one of the Easter faithful, it will be a tutorial to help you celebrate this wonderful opportunity correctly. You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more cool drawings easy.

Drawing the Easter bunny

Step 1:

We will start this guide on how to draw the Easter bunny with the outline of the head and ears. We will use a slightly shredded line when drawing one of the bunny’s contours. Using this instead of a soft line will help ensure that the bunny is beautiful and soft.

Draw the head outline with a thin round pan to the upper half and a thicker part to the lower half. Then use two long, thin and rounded shapes for the ears contours. Finish them by drawing thin oval shapes within the inner ears, so we can go to step 2.

Step 2:

Now that you have the sketch for the head and ears, we can focus on certain details and the addition of the arms to your Easter bunny drawing. For the eyes, draw some small oval shapes with even smaller round shapes. Then there will be a rounded triangular nose under the eyes, which will have curved lines coming from the bottom to the smiling mouth.

Add the square teeth to the roof of the mouth and draw the bottom of the mouth open. Finally, use a little more of these shredded lines to the bunny’s arms of the crash. Connect them to a rounded line near the top of the arms to the tip of a large egg that the bunny will keep soon.

Step 3:

It wouldn’t be an Easter image without a large colorful Easter egg! For this reason, we will add the rest of the egg you started drawing in the previous phase of our guide on how to draw the Easter bunny. First, use a rounded line to draw the bottom half of the egg in a way that gives the impression that it would connect to the tip you earned earlier.

So it will be just a matter of decorating the egg! We use clear lines, small circles, and other ways to decorate our example, but you can decorate it in every way you like!

Step 4:

We will finish the contour of the bunny in this part of its Easter bunny drawing. It will prepare you for the latest details in the next step of the guide. We will be focused mainly on the bunny’s legs at this stage, and you can draw your legs using highly curved lines. Then draw the bunny’s long feet with smaller rounded lines to the toes.

Step 5:

How to draw the Easter Bunny

This fifth stage of our guide on drawing the Easter bunny will be to finish some details and final additions. First, we added triggered and pointed lines to the base of the bunny to the gram where it is sitting. Then we add a line inside the mouth to give more depth.

After drawing these details, you can also add some additional details! An idea could be filling the bottom with dozens of colorful Easter eggs, which would improve your creative proof skills! How will you finish this Easter bunny before going to the last part of this guide?

Step 6:

How to draw the Easter Bunny

Now it’s time to have fun coloring because you finish this image! The focal point of the color of this image would certainly be the Easter egg it maintains. We used warm and exciting egg colors, then kept the colors of the bunny a little quieter on the other. You can use one of your favorite colors when coloring the egg and the bunny!

You can also experience certain arts, such as paintings, colorful markers, or pens. What colors and means will you use to finish this Easter creation? We look forward to seeing the creative ways of ways you will color this amazing image!

Make your Easter bunny drawing.

After this guide, you will not have to look for advice on how to improve your drawing! We love how cute this Easter bunny drawing is! He holds a giant Easter egg and is already beautifully detailed. That said, you can also opt for a different egg drawing. You can use all patterns and shapes in this egg as if you decorate a real Easter egg. This drawing element is a great way to customize this image! Another way to customize this Easter bunny drawing is to add a fun background. One method would be to add many Easter eggs stacked behind him.

Not only would it look great, but it would also give many possibilities for some additional standards and forms. You can add other Easter elements, such as a baby girl or chocolates! What other elements can you think about? The drawing of this Easter bunny sketch is already super cute, but you can add details and accessories to make it even cuter. We have some ideas for these details. The bunny may have an arc between the ears, or you can draw a small outfit! These are just some things you can add to the bunny, but there are tons of details you can change and add to improve this drawing.

Finally, we think you can have a lot of fun with this drawing of an Easter bunny playing with colors and art tools. We show you a way to color it, but you can use other people you like! If you would put the rabbit, the egg, or any detail you added, there are no bad answers to the colors you can choose. It’s your chance to show your color creativity, and you can also use new means you’ve never used before!

Your Easter bunny drawing is complete!

You got the 6 stages of this guide on how to draw the Easter bunny, and we hope you had fun working there! It may be the hardest bunny in the world, but we hope the steps of this guide have made a drawing challenge for you. When you finish this lovely representation of the Easter bunny, you can keep the pleasure of following your additions and keys.

We mention how you can change the colors and add details in the background, but what else can you think about finishing it? Many other drawing guides are waiting to be discovered on our site, so visit us for more fun! We have much more, we will leave soon, and you will not want to miss them. You can also show how wonderful your Easter bunny is by sharing the finished drawing on our Facebook and Pinterest pages!

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