The medical field has been revolutionized by the advent of robotic prostate surgery. As its name define, in robotic prostate surgery, the operation is done by robotics. You may also see its name as Robotic prostatectomy.

There are many doubts in the mind of people related to robotic prostatectomy. If you also have a question related to this, then this article will help you to delve into this operation. In short, this article will talk about everything you need to know about this and how to find the best hospital for robotic prostate surgery.

What is the prostate gland?

To begin with, since we talk about a surgery related to the prostate gland, it will be good to know what it is. It is a gland that can only be found in the male body. The main work of this gland is to nourish the semen of a male. Being present underneath the bladder of a male body helps maintain the continence of the urinal.

Why should you do robotic prostate surgery?

During the process of this surgery, the whole bladder gets removed with the help of robotic arms. It can only be performed experienced surgeon under the genuine ascetic. Patients who had prostate surgery using this method get recover earlier as compared to the conventional method. The process of this surgery is also less. If the surgery starts in the morning, then the patient will be over with the whole process until the afternoon. A major problem people encounter while having problems in their prostate gland is that they lose control over their urinal continence. In case a patient gets his surgery done through robotics, then there will be a 93% chance that the patient regain control over his urinal continence.

How is it different from conventional surgery?

In the conventional method of prostate surgery, a large incision is made on the abdomen. This incision could be anywhere on the abdomen, and it will leave a big scar on the person’s stomach. You may see that the recovery is taking longer in this process. However, in robotic prostate surgery, there will be many tiny incisions made on the abdomen. These holes would be minuscule. Hence, you do not have to get any scars on your body. The surgery gets performed by doctors using robotic arms. They will see everything on the screen and perform the surgery with the robotic arms. The person who controls this whole process is called a urologist.

While using a robotic prostatectomy, nerves can be kept intact. Since the urologist can see the nerves on the monitor, this will allow him to spare the nerves that come in the way. But in conventional surgery, it is not possible to keep the nerves intact while surgery, there are more chances that the blood vessels get damaged.

Additionally, there will be less blood loss in robotic prostate surgery, whereas in conventional surgery, a patient can lose a lot of blood. Less blood loss means fast recovery. Hence, it has more advantages over conventional surgery.

Recovery time

Although it is advised that doctors take some weeks off from the work, some people feel fine soon after the surgery. Patients can go to their homes on the following day after surgery. This can be counted as the major benefit of this surgery, as the recovery takes a shorter time.

However, you should always find the best hospital for robotic prostate surgery, so you can have a better experience after the whole operation. You can do some research on your own to find the best hospital near you.