“For many days, I have been facing an issue with my screen recording, generating many problems. I wanted to capture and record my favorite clip and video, but I couldn’t. I looked for a lot of ways but haven’t found any. What do I do?” You must have heard these issues and complaints. It is one of the common issues that individuals cannot screen record. Gadget E.R. Repair, a cell phone repair shop in Ennis, Texas, has discussed and given out several tips and solutions for the problem of screen recording. Are you also a victim of this problem, and your iPhone’s screen recording has become unresponsive? Let’s go through some discussions that will probably solve the issue. 


Are you recording correctly?


If you are an iPhone user and you are encountering this issue. First, you must ensure whether you are recording correctly or not and if you are following the proper steps. To help you and provide you with correct guidance. If you are using iOS 14 and above software, you must go to the settings and control center. Another complaint that cell phone repair shops in Ennis, Texas, receive from people is that they screen records with no sound at all. You must ensure that the microphone button is enabled by going to the control center. To fix this issue, go to settings, control center and click and hold the microphone option to turn it on. 


Fix your unresponsive screen recording feature with a cell phone repair shop in Ennis, Texas.

  • Check compatibility


If you don’t know, let’s make you aware that many apps don’t support screen recording. For instance, in some regions, you cannot screen-record Instagram reels. Even if you do, you won’t be able to record the sound. Therefore, it is necessary to look at whether the application you are using supports the screen recording. To ensure this, go to settings and click on the app you want to screen record. Look if that app supports the recording feature. If not, then, unfortunately, you won’t be able to record anything. 

  • Add the recording option to the control center of your iPhone.


Some people’s control panels don’t include the screen recording option, which is why this feature doesn’t work. The most important thing in iPhone is the control panel. If any component or feature is not present, you wouldn’t be able to use it. A phone repair store in Ennis, Texas, suggests adding the icon to your control panel. To do this, go to settings and control panel, then click on more control and select the plus sign to add this icon to your panel.

  • Ensure there are no restrictions


Another reason your screen recording feature needs to be fixed might be that the app you are using is not allowed this feature. In iPhones, apps ask permission to track, record, and save your data. If you let them, only then can they do these things. If your app has screen recording restrictions, it would be impossible for you to record. You must enable the recording feature and permit it to function properly. Gadget repair in Ennis, Texas, suggests going to settings, screentime, and clicking on the privacy restriction option. Select the content restriction option and enable screen recording for the app you want to use it on. 

  • Your iPhone must not be in Low Power Mode.


Sometimes, people turn their iPhones to low power mode for battery reasons so their batteries won’t be drained. But when you enable the low power mode, you might notice that certain features in your iPhone stop working, including camera and screen recording. To enable the screen recording feature, you have to turn it off. To do this, a cell phone repair shop in Ennis, Texas, recommends that you go to settings and battery and toggle off the low power mode option to enjoy screen recording. 

  • Update iOS software.


It might be possible that the iOS software you are using is so outdated that it does not support the screen recording feature. To make it work, update the iOS version on your iPhone. These iOS updates are important and come up with many bug fixes and security updates. The iOS software compatible with your device helps your mobile features. Go to settings and general. From there, you can update and download the new software. Updating will solve your problem. 




We have covered almost all the steps regarding screen recording. A cell phone repair shop in Ennis, Texas, has provided us with ways to solve the screen recording problem. If we implement these steps, we can solve our problem. If you have done everything and your screen recording still needs to be fixed, you might face a serious issue. But you don’t have to worry because they have covered everything. They will fix your problems at affordable prices and offer you premium-quality services. 

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