DAIRY PRO 10000 PELLET (डेयरी प्रो 10,000 पेलेट्स)

Buffaloes are strong animals that provide milk; such cattle have a long life, so farmers prefer them the most. Buffalo milk is the most consumed because it is mainly made from water buffaloes and has a high nutritional value. Furthermore, buffalo milk has a higher fat, vitamin, protein, lactose, and mineral content. 

So for such a productive animal, you must look after its health and maintain it. If you take good care of milch animals, their life gets longer, and their milk production capacity increases considerably. The healthier the cattle, the more profit it will yield. Several factors determine buffalo’s health, like their nutrition, hygiene, vaccination, milking technique, etc. 

You must control your cattle’s feed to make a good living from animal husbandry. Animals, like humans, require nutrient balance in their feed, and if you offer them enough nutrients, the milk quality will improve. So, here’s how to balance the nutrients in cattle feed.

You must carefully select nutrients to make cattle feed as nutrient-dense as our meals. If you want your cattle to live longer and give more milk, feed them the right foods in the right amounts and manner. Make sure to eat their meals since how much attention you pay to their vitamin intake will determine the grade of milk they make.

Nutrition is an essential requirement of the body, and the only purpose of nutrition is to keep the body healthy. If you provide Murrah buffalo with a balanced diet, the yield will be high. Some of the nutrients include roughage, calcium, potassium, etc. So, if your Murrah buffalo has caught some disease, try to increase the proportion of nutrients that it lacks.

  • Buffalo Deworming

Worms are common in the bodies of animals. Cattle, like buffaloes, have a severe worm problem, and you should keep an eye on their bodies. Worms can cause irritation to animals which ruptures their skin and irritates their animals. You can deworm buffalo bodies twice a year by calling a doctor or doing it yourself.

  • Cleanliness in Shed

Surrounding animals should also be disinfected, especially their sheds. Like we keep our home clean and dirt-free to avoid diseases, animals also require a clean shed. Thus, you have to look after the cleanliness of their shed and surroundings. Waste management is another aspect of the disinfection of the shed. Animals cannot manage waste, so you should do it for them.

  • Apt Milking Technique

The presence of a calf can enhance milk production reflux. Buffaloes can produce good milk until their ninth lactation, with peak output beginning in the fourth. Milking them correctly might also enhance yield. While milking, it is essential to maintain a routine. A buffalo should always be milked concurrently and by the same milker for maximum yield. Too much time spent milking the buffaloes can affect milk production and output.

  • Vaccination 

The best way to keep your cattle healthy is to check their vaccination schedule closely. Vaccination is crucial, especially for milk-producing animals, because it prevents the spread of disease. Because any sickness might impair milk quality, you must ensure that the immunization schedule is followed.

  • Special Attention During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a phase that can cause lifetime problems if we ignore anything. Just like humans, a pregnant buffalo also requires some extra care. Good calves and a high milk yield arise from effective management practices. Give pregnant buffalo 1 kg additional grain because they are also physically increasing. Before initiating dry cow therapy and adequate nutrition, completely dry off. During the last two weeks of pregnancy, the animals should be fed easily digestible food, primarily green fodder and bran, among other things.

  • Heat Stress

Buffaloes have lower sweat gland intensity than cattle, so they cannot efficiently remove body heat through perspiration. Furthermore, the buffaloes’ black coat increases the quantity of heat absorbed. This will eventually result in heat stress and reduced productivity in buffaloes. You should schedule their work in the early morning, late night, or evening to avoid any problems later. As soon as the work is completed, give them 15 minutes of rest and let them soak in cold water for some time. This will regulate their body temperature. 

Where to Find Healthy Buffaloes? 

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Keeping cattle healthy is essential to keep them safe for a longer period. The extra care will nourish them, resulting in good milk production capacity. You invest an excessive amount in buying and caring for animals, but people lose their cattle due to ignorance. Thus, make sure you do everything correctly in nourishing your animal.