A well-known online community for debating a range of subjects was the Thotsbay forums. The forums, however, are no longer active. What happened to the Thotsbay forums and the reasons they are no longer accessible are still unknown. Some users think that the forums’ closure might have been brought on by offensive material or a breach of the terms of service. Others think that a lack of activity may have led to the forums being inactive. Whatever the case may be, it appears that Thotsbay forums are no longer a useful tool for online debate.

The forum was well-liked by sex workers and their clients when it was established in 2014. They could communicate and conduct business there without worrying about criticism or retaliation. Sadly, the site was shut down in 2019 as a result of heightened police surveillance. This article will look into what happened to Thotsbay and how it affected the sex work industry.

What is ThotsBay?

Many individuals used the popular online forum ThotsBay to debate a wide range of subjects. The conference was filled of men who would disparage women, hence the word “thot,” which means “That Ho over there.” Many women started to avoid the forum because it had grown to be so poisonous, and eventually it was shut down. From 2013 through the beginning of 2018, ThotsBay was a well-known discussion site. Members used the media to discuss a range of subjects, such as romance, sex, and relationships. The word “troll,” which is frequently used to characterize someone who posts inflammatory or objectionable stuff online, is parodied in the moniker “ThotsBay.”

How does Thotsbay function?

A forum-based website called Thotsbay allows users to post and examine thread topics. Categories are used to group threads, and each category has its own page. If you need to sign up, you can still explore the forums and read threads. You won’t be allowed to start new threads or comment to any already started ones, though. By clicking the “Create an account” link at the top of the page, you may register to become a member. After setting up an account, you can post and respond to threads.

Thotsbay is a website where users may post and talk on interests-related issues. The website has numerous sections, including those for politics, religion, culture, and the arts. Users have the option to start new topics or posts or reply to already published ones.

Is the website profitable for you?

The quick answer is that we don’t generate any revenue from the site. The volunteers who manage the site are responsible for covering all operating expenses. We neither buy advertising nor do we take donations. We did attempt to sell advertising a few years back when the site was just getting started. However, things may have gone differently. We would have had to offer them a big percentage of the earnings as they were taking all the risk; but, the traffic was too low to draw in any advertisers.

Utilizing Thotsbay

Thotsbay is the only website you need to visit if you want something exciting and risky. Some of the most ridiculous and unsettling photographs you’ll ever see may be found on this website, yet it’s quite simple to access. You merely need a web browser and an account to start utilizing it. Once you’ve registered, go to the home page and begin looking through the images. You’ll undoubtedly find something interesting, but watch out not to get carried away. It’s a dangerous website, and there’s a good possibility you’ll see something unsettling there. However, if you enjoy a challenge, visit it and give it a shot.