Only fans value the transparency and most importantly privacy of the users. This is why the users want to purchase the subscriptions of only fans and for this, the users must use a credit a debit card. According to the official site of only fans, the platform does not support the payments of PayPal, Apple pay, Google pay, or any other third-party payment provider, or any other non-bank financial institution. 

The creators of only fans want more people to join their subscriptions and pay for them, but they also value the importance of privacy on the platform only fans. 

Paying for Onlyfans Platform Without the use of a Credit Card 

There are various onlyfans payment methods that the users can use when they want to pay on the platform. Since most of the creators on only fans charge a monthly subscription free so that they can earn income on the platform, the users will need a fully verified payment method if they wish to see a premium profile. 

We have got some methods which are going to help the users in knowing how to subscribe to onlyfans without card so let us begin to know about the same so that the users are able to use it. 

Method no. 1 – Using a Virtual Credit Card for the Users 

The users have to first set up a virtual card which they can do by using many sites like and once the users have generated a free virtual credit card move to the next step.

In this step, the users need to fund their onlyfans mobile wallets so that they can pay the subscriptions. 

The platform will transfer virtual card money to the credits of only fans following which the users will be able to pay online fans with the help of the wallet funds or onlyfans gift card can also be used by the users. 

And the payments will continue from this until the users decide to cancel the subscription of only fans. 

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Method no. 2 – Use a Prepaid Card either Visa or Master Card only  

The users can also pay on the platform with the help of a visa or master card and we recommend the users to use a prepaid visa card, all visa cards are accepted on this platform. 

The users just need to fill in the details of the prepaid card on their profile and then let it confirm the payment for the onlyfans premium accounts that the users want to see. 

If the users need any information about the usage of a visa or master card they can clear their doubts by contacting only fans support. 

Method no. 3 – Using a Platform of the Third Party

There are various third-party tools that the users can use to see the only fans free of cost. The onlyfans viewer tool is one of the tools which the users can use and it uses the API code to show the users content they wish to see.

After the verification on the app has been finished the users will get to access many premium profiles but the only issue with these apps is that they are not verified and the source of their origin is also unknown. 

Since these apps ask the users for their credentials they need to be a bit careful while they are using third-party tools for viewing only fans. 

Along with this, if you want to learn how to find people on onlyfans then you can visit our website to know more further.

We hope that the information which has been delivered to the users in this blog has been helpful for them and they were able to use it without any issues for only fans.

By Alberta