More time is spent outside during the summer. Most likely, your smartphone will always be with you, taking pictures or playing your favorite playlist as music in the background. We are sure you put in the effort to shield yourself from the scorching sun once outside (hello, SPF 50), but are you also taking steps to protect your smartphone? If not, it must be included on your list. Experts from Boise’s Samsung repair centers are here to explain the most common causes of overheating.


A smartphone slows down when it becomes too hot. It might shut down in some conditions until it has totally cooled. You would never want to miss a call from the office, right?


Keep reading! In this blog, we will also look at tips from experts for keeping your smartphone cool and avoiding overheating.


Causes of Overheating Explained By Experts From Boise’s Samsung Repair Centers


Your phone may be overheating for a variety of reasons. The most frequent reason a device’s internal temperature increases is leaving it in direct sunlight in a warm, enclosed place, like your car.


Your device’s temperature may also be impacted by how often and the way you use it. The battery will overwork and heat up if you continuously use your device. The same is true for having several applications open at once; having many open at once might drain the battery and make the phone hot.


Another reasonable justification? Overcharging. When your smartphone is connected in after it has finished charging.


Your device’s temperature must be lower, whatever the cause. Your smartphone may run out of battery and be compelled to shut down, and even melt if it gets too hot (yes, the CPU of your cell phone can melt in very hot conditions). Additionally, if your smartphone overheats and stops working, it might not restart. By carrying out the following, you can cool it down.

Steps You Can Take To Prevent Overheating


Use an Authentic Charger


Not every charging adaptor is made equally. To be on the safe side, use a charger from a reputed manufacturer that is compliant with your phone. Check for any damage to your device’s charging cable or adaptor, as these are two other problems that might cause the device to overheat.


Keep Your Phone Updated


Numerous improvements in-app upgrades might increase your device’s performance, resulting in decreased battery use.


Shut down or deactivate unwanted applications


Your phone will heat up if you are running too many apps open at once since they make it work harder. The answer is easy:


To close any unnecessary apps on an Apple device, carefully slide up from the bottom to see all currently running programs (For devices with home buttons, press twice).


Tap the menu symbol on the screen of an Android smartphone. Swipe up to view the open apps, and slide down to close any unnecessary ones.


Keep Your Brightness Low


The battery in your phone will function harder and generate more heat if the brightness level is kept high. If you keep it on for a lengthy period, reduce the brightness and screen timeout duration. Consider getting an antiglare screen protector, too; it can improve your ability to see the screen in bright sunshine.


Avoid Using Your Smartphone in the Sun’s Direct Rays


Keeping your smartphone out of the sun is the easiest approach to reducing overheating. The more sunlight your cell phone is exposed to, the more heat it receives and retains.


How to Cool it Down?


The top Samsung Repair Centers in Boise have endorsed the following recommendations.


  • Prevent rapid temperature changes.
  • Take the case off.
  • Put it close to a fan.
  • Enable Airplane Mode.
  • Utilize a genuine charger.
  • Keep other gadgets away from it.
  • Turn off Bluetooth. (As your phone looks for devices to connect with, it will heat up.)


Visit a Nearby Samsung Repair Center in Boise


Have you tried every option yet? Are you still stuck? If all else fails, there can be a serious issue with the hardware of your device that is causing overheating.


Are you in Boise? Thankfully, Boise has many reputable and expert cell phone repair stores, like Four Corners Repair Center.  Their highly skilled professionals can fix all of your technical problems in a flash.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is it safe to put my overheating mobile phone in the refrigerator?


Never store your smartphone inside a fridge. Severe temperature changes and condensation can both be quite harmful.


Why does my phone heat up so quickly?


Using a phone continually or with too many open applications may become hot. Your smartphone may also overheat due to malware, problematic software, or sun exposure. Small amounts of cell phone heating are typical, but persistent heating could indicate something more serious.

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