Using Qksms on your cell phone is a great way to make communication with your friends easy and fast. You can do things like send group texting, use Quick Reply, MMS and more.

Group texting

Unlike many texting apps on the market, QKSMS is free. It’s open source and is packed with features such as group texts, MMS, and delayed messaging. Plus, it supports dual-SIM phones.

What makes QKSMS such a good sms client is its clean and clutter-free interface, which is easy to use. The QKSMS widget also enables users to send stickers and attachments. The app is also compatible with Android Wear devices.

It also has a cool looking Lollipop-style tinted status bar. The QKSMS app also has an EndlessJabber feature, which allows you to send messages to multiple people at the same time.

The QKSMS app also has a quick reply option. This is a feature that pops up a window and allows you to reply to a message without leaving the app.


Whether you want to share photos, stickers, video messages or MMS attachments, QKSMS is the app for you. It’s an open source texting application that offers a beautiful design, customization options and a responsive interface.

It’s easy to use and has strong security features. It’s also free to download and doesn’t have ads. It’s a great choice for Android users. It’s also compatible with Android Wear.

It has hundreds of ringtones and vibration patterns. It also has a built-in photo editor. It is one of the most secure texting apps you can get. It’s available for free from the Play Store.

It is a group chat app and it’s compatible with multiple-SIM phones. It has a night mode, per-contact notifications and message prioritizing. It also comes with a blocklist.

Quick Reply

Using Quick Reply SMS can save you time and money. These pre-written messages can be used to quickly respond to common questions from customers. You can also use the feature to reply to anyone on your contact list. Whether you’re on the road or in the office, you can use Quick Reply to quickly communicate with your contacts.

Quick Replies are available on iOS and Android. Agents can use Quick Replies to quickly send a greeting, forward an incoming message, or close a conversation. They can also be configured to automatically add tags to Issues, which can make it easier for agents to find and respond to specific issues.

Choosing the best auto response text message for your organization depends on many factors. For example, you should consider the language and tone of the message. You should also ensure that it includes alternate contact information such as a hotline number or contact form. You should also avoid complicated phrases and technical jargon. You should also include your team’s availability and estimated response time.

Auto-delete feature

Having an auto-delete feature helps the QKSMS app to run smoothly. It also helps you to keep the app free of clutter. This makes it easy to find your messages.

The application also comes with a restore option. The restore function lets you retrieve lost messages and contacts. You can also create a backup of your contacts.

If you want to use a different color scheme, you can change the appearance of your text messages, chat bubble, and title bar. You can also choose from hundreds of themes. In addition, you can customize the background of the application.

QKSMS is an open source app that offers a clean, clutter-free, and simple UI. It uses Material Design for its look and feel. Its features include group chats, video calling, attachments, and more.

Night mode

Introducing a new way to send and receive text messages, QKSMS uses an innovative approach and features some beautiful design. This free messaging app is packed with useful features and offers a stylish interface. You can send SMS, MMS and group texts and customize the way your messages look. It’s also built on open source technology, so you can customize it to your liking. It also includes a night mode and a quick reply feature.

While QKSMS has plenty of other features, one of its best features is its night mode. This feature reduces strain on your eyes when you’re using the application at night. It also allows you to use a widget to respond to a message in a more convenient way.

Other interesting features include customizable fonts, LED colors and custom chat bubble color. You can even set the app to auto-forward messages to your other contacts. You can also set it to display your messages in your status bar. You can also select a custom notification sound for your messages.

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