Immediate Khula Letter to husband:

If you immediately want to send khula letter to husband by legal firms, you may contact Nazia Law Associates. A conjugal relationship can be considered, even though they are not covered by any clause in the Section of the Act. In other words, if the husband abandons his wife or is not cohabiting with her without any valid reason, it is an inability for the husband to meet his obligations as a husband after khula letter to husband by legal firms.


A husband’s failure to be a husband with a reasonable excuse within a period of at most three years allows the wife to obtain an order to dissolve the marriage. However, if the husband is not living with his wife for a period of three years because of a plausible reason, e.g., an illness or injury or a break from her due to work or studies, etc., in this case, the wife will not receive the decree this clause. (v) Husband’s impotency: In the event that the spouse was incapable during the marriage and remained, the wife can bring a lawsuit to an end her marriage.

Divorce Decision:

However, to get a divorce decision, the spouse needs to prove two things: ) that the husband was not able to perform his duties during the wedding and that the husband continues to be ineffective until the time of filing the suit after khula letter to husband by legal firms. The spouse can seek divorce on this basis only if both of the previously stated facts are satisfied.  In divorce, based on this reason, the court has to grant the husband one year of time to prove his power; when he applies for the time.

Legal Firms:

Request that the court on khula letter to husband by legal firms must adopt the decree of divorce immediately. Piety within the time frame of one year and the divorce decree cannot be granted. However, if he fails to refute the allegations of his wife and a decree dissolving the marriage will be issued. The husband’s inability to be a cause of divorce was also recognized in the previous law prior to the passage of the act of 9 . The wife could obtain a divorce decree in this regard. However, the act has introduced significant modifications to the law for khula letter to husband by legal firms in this area.


The major differences between the previous and current law are: In the old law, it was required that the spouse show that she was unaware of her husband’s insanity at the time of their wedding. Under the act of 9 9, she is able to obtain a divorce on this grounds, regardless if she was aware of this fact prior to the marriage. In the past, the suit of the wife was put on hold in court by the courts for a year (during which the husband had to show his power), even in the event that the husband did not make an application for it. In the act of 9 on khula letter to husband by legal firms, the suit is adjourned by the husband. The current law states that the suit can be scheduled to be adjourned on demand by the spouse.