Nothing is happier than the freedom of drive to anywhere on open roads. Teens especially love to travel on the open roads to experience this pleasure. Driving is not such difficult but it’s your responsibility of yours to take care of yourself and others.

A driver has picked up the responsibilities of lives he carries in his car. The first and most important thing is you should maintain your car to make sure you are not driving wrong. Don’t lose your freedom of driving by driving a bad condition vehicle and got punishment by the authorities.

Make sure you are not wrong when you are out for main road driving. New drivers and teens must know the proper maintenance service they should do as responsible.

Car Maintenance Service for New and Teens Drivers

We would love to assist you with low-cost maintenance services. If you own a perfect cars, you can save yourself. Here are some most important things you should notice about your car and cover in the early stages.

Replace Old Wiper Blades

Windshield clearance is very important and you must make sure the windshield wiper blades wear out at any time because it’s made with rubber. Windshield wiper work for cleaning the windshield in rain, snow, and when bugs attack.

A clear front view is important to keep you in a straight position without making any trouble. You will be able to clear out the windshield if your wipers work perfectly. Over time rubber blades lose grip. You need to replace it if you see it’s not working in the proper position. This is not much expensive maintenance you can buy a wiper blade at a low cost with auction sheet.

Keep checking your blades periodically to make sure you will not fall into trouble. If you drive a lot, you must replace the wipers twice a year. It is a necessary maintenance you must not ignore.

Change Oil

Change oil on time to make sure the smooth and easy driving. Oil controls the friction in different engine parts and is responsible to keep the engine work smooth. Automakers offer different types of engines with limited mileage. Over time the oil gets dirty and does not work properly for an engine which is not good for engine health. Change the oil according to the instruction given by your manufacturer.

Replace Battery

Some of your vehicle parts need replacement over time battery is one of them. A car battery has limited time for working and after that. It’s risky to drive a car without car maintenance or with an old battery. It can be dead at an anytime and stop charging. A dead battery is a risk and will be stranded anywhere. Replace your car battery according to the schedule given by the maker of your vehicle. There is no other way to out the solution than replace the old battery with a new one. Check the battery voltage and if you see a voltage drop significantly the battery time is over.

Check Tires Wear and tear

Teens Don’t ignore the most important part which connects your vehicle to the road. That is tires. Make sure the tire pressure is good and maintained to turn, accelerate or brake safely. Tires rotation is also important to make sure the vehicle balance and long health of the tires. Unbalanced tires also affect the connection of the steering. Once a year rotate the tire’s position and check the steering wheel is in perfect condition. Keep the pressure at the right ratio for safe driving.

Replace Air Filter

Air filters have limited time and dust and dirt affect their function badly which causes low engine performance and decreases the health of an engine. when you change the engine oil you must replace the air filter to make sure you have done all good material for better engine performance and control friction.


These are the top maintenance service you should do to keep the performance smooth and away from trouble. All the engine-related maintenance will help you to drive with a focus on the road. If you are new to cars must get suggestions from the used car prices in Pakistan maker or read experts’ pieces of advice to not fall into trouble. These are needy and very important maintenance. Do not ignore them or fall in troubles at the middle of the road.