It may be pretty humiliating to talk about issues related to one’s sexual health. However, men, you should be aware that erectile dysfunction, often known as ED, is far more common than you think. In addition, there are options than just reaching for a pill bottle anytime you have negative emotions.

Many urologists believe that a penile implant surgeon is the only therapy for erectile dysfunction that can be considered successful. In cases when other treatments for erectile dysfunction (ED) have been tried and shown to be unsuccessful, a penile implant may be an option worth considering.

We provide comprehensive treatment for penile implants to assist you in regaining your sexual health and self-assurance. Find out how penile implants work and the benefits they might bring into your life if you find that ED medicines and other therapies are no longer giving you the desired results.

  • It Is Impossible To Discern

Nobody except you will know that you have a penile implant since they are inconspicuous. When most men can go back to work or school immediately after surgery and have no more complications while using or wearing the implant, some have reported that the procedure caused them some discomfort.

  • Convenience

In contrast to other treatments for erectile dysfunction, a penile implant may deliver rapid enjoyment without interfering with a person’s ability to engage in sexual activity. You can maintain an erection by activating the implanted pump for as long as you want. You may do this in as little as 15 seconds.

  • Use That Is Easy To Understand

You do not need sophisticated techniques to get an erection on your own. Because of the pump, you will always be able to control the device discreetly.

  • Consistency Of Vigor And Stamina Across The Course Of Time

Penile implants are successful for many men for a minimum of 10 years. Our team has access to instruments that may assist in ensuring that your implant continues to work well for the maximum amount of time that is clinically possible.

  • Fewer Periods Of Inactivity Overall

The recuperation time after penile implant surgery is relatively short. Most men report feeling normal within one week, and by the end of six weeks, they resume sexual activity.

Implants For The Various Configurations Of The Male Genital Anatomy

  • Your healthcare team will insert a penile implant into your penis while you are under anesthesia for surgery. Depending on your preferences, you could have an implant in your penis that is either semi-rigid or inflatable.
  • Urology Specialist Group uses a two-part, inflatable implant consisting of a cylinder placed into the penis and then inflated to replace the natural blood shunt during erections. The cylinder is introduced into the penis and then increased.
  • Your scrotum has a pump and a relief valve connected to the cylinder implanted there. The pump system regulates the reservoir, which is positioned under the abdominal wall and with fluids. The pool also contains fluids.
  • It is necessary to pump the fluids from the reservoir into the cylinder to achieve and maintain an erection that is strong enough to allow sexual activity. When your erection has reached a stable state, you may use the release valve to let the fluids return to the reservoir and refill it.

Inflatable Medical Implants

When the pump is on, the saline fluid rods are forced upward, which causes the rods to expand and result in an erection. To deflate the gadget, one must push a button in the scrotum like the other button.

Implants May Be Used To Replace Lost Bone And Other Types Of Tissue

To get a flaccid look with a flexible implant, also known as a malleable implant, straighten your penis to the correct position and bend it back down. It will provide the appearance of a flaccid penis. One example of a malleable alternative is the Genesis Malleable Penile Implant, two moveable rods surgically inserted into the shaft of the penis.