For any researcher, the first essential thing is the selection of a research topic. As a researcher, you have to work on it for a long time. Also, research work is not an easy task. You have to put your long-term efforts into the research. So, while selecting a research topic, you have to be very careful about so many things. Check out its components and see if they are achievable or not. It is essential to see what qualities matter in the selection of a research topic. When you find a research topic, you have to go through its details. It seems like the topic is good enough, but you have to face its consequences while working on it. Measure its aspects on a standard scale and then finalize if it is acceptable or not. For measuring these aspects, you have to see the clarity of topic.

Get to know about the nature and direction of research case for master’s dissertation in management accounting. For this, you have to go through all aspects of the dissertation. It happens most of the time that, you may find some topic that is according to your interest, but when you narrow down the subject, you see it is not a good topic for research. Therefore, this article aims to discuss the topic selection tip for master’s dissertation in management accounting.

Tips for Topic Selection of Master’s Dissertation

Implications of Study

While selecting a topic for master’s dissertation, make sure it is significant. Check its worth in the market, and you have to see if the topic can help solve some real-life problems or not. The more practical implication your research has, the more it will have worth. Readers enjoy research that has more practical implementations. Your advisor is the one with whom you have to work throughout your research, and he will also like some experimental research.

On the other hand, it also happens that a research topic is related to some real-life problem and promises some solution, but it is not manageable for the researcher. Especially as a student, you have a particular period in which you have to complete your research. So, it is important to note that the significance of research topic is fundamental. After that, you can start working on its multiple components. Every component of master’s dissertation can help you a lot in finalizing the topic.

Introduction of Research Study

At the beginner level, researchers mostly make a mistake when they try to have some uniqueness in research. For having uniqueness, they go for a complex start of study, but it does not make a good impression at all. You will face problems in creating a plan for your research. Irrespective of this, all your research introductions need to be very simple. Good research is one that is understandable for most of the readers. So, you have to make it as simple as you can. While in the case of a complex introduction, it becomes challenging to explain the terms and their analysis later on. In the end, you have to face criticism. So, if you want to avoid such an unpleasant ending, then go for a simple and standard start.

Literature Review

After the introduction, another component of research topic is a literature review. Literature review needs to be from an authentic source. The literature review is a summary of research that has already been done in the past. So, go for some accurate platforms like Google Scholar and Research Gate. Also, make sure you are taking material from some book, research paper, or journal. Do not go for blogs. Also, do not use Wikipedia at all. Literature review must be this much clear so that readers understand the flow of development in a particular field. If you find enough literature review for the topic of master’s dissertation for management accounting, it means the selected topic is good to go.


The methodology is the technique to present your research work in a well-mannered way. It explains the track of research and how it is carried out. There are many ways to conduct research, and the selection of methodology depends on the nature of research topic. Also, it depends on the purpose and design of research. The types of method include quantitative, which is based on the numeric data for study. The second type is qualitative research, which has a non-numeric representation in the form of theory.

Furthermore, it includes descriptive research and analytical research. Descriptive research goes with surveys and case studies. At the same time, analytical research ensures critical evaluation. While selecting a research topic for master’s dissertation, you need to focus that which methodology can work for it.

Result of Particular Research

The section of results is the essential part that contributes to topic selection for master’s dissertation. It is the core representation of fundamental research. In the result section, you have to focus on the positive aspects of study. Here, you have to mention what will be the expected findings of your research. This representation can be in the form of tables, graphs, or charts. It can also include figures related to your management accounting study. You can also go for cheap masters dissertation help while finalizing the topic for master’s dissertation.

Concluding Lines

The topic of master’s dissertation sets the foundation of whole work. If the topic is researchable, you can ace the milestones. Otherwise, you will keep struggling with the achievement of designed objectives. If you finalize the topic for management accounting dissertation based on above-mentioned points, you will not have to put in effort for the reliability of work. While working on the introduction, you already have an idea that the selected topic of research has a background. Similarly, when you work on a literature review, you are sure that effective literature is available, and there is no need to have doubt about it.

By Alberta