Architectural Design Services Guildford

We spend most of our lives indoors- inside our workplaces, homes, schools, and a multitude of other buildings. We effectively live inside of the buildings. Therefore, it is no doubt that our mental and physical health is influenced by the building we spend our time in.

For instance, lack of light and poor ventilation impacts the well-being of the residents. On the other hand, enough light and airy buildings boost spirit and energy. Whether we are aware or not, the design of the building matters.

Architectural Design Services Guildford is mainly concerned with functionality. A building that has to meet the need of the residents. Though architecture is not concerned with endurance, practicality and functionality, it is also art that is connected with the aestheticism of the building.

Some people choose minimalism and save space from fulfilling their creative ideas—others like their apartment full of comfortable furniture, plants, and modern bits and pieces. Regardless of which category you belong to, there are numerous growing architectural designs that you must know about.

Beautiful, bold and natural palettes:

It has taken a while, but white, greys and earthy tones have finally waned in 2022. Designers, consumers and decorators have decided they need more cheerful colours. Bold, colourful pallets emerged from the paintwork to overlap accessories and furnishings. Even kitchens and bathrooms feast on accents of vibrant colours.

Sustainable natural materials:

With growing environmental concerns, architectural designs highlight sustainable new designs.  The simple solution is to build homes with extra insulation and use energy-related appliances to make the house more energy efficient. However, many designers are going beyond the limit to build homes from materials such as bamboo flooring, recycled glass countertops and other produced materials.

Partitioned living spaces:

 In the past years, there has been an interest in open floor planning houses. Modern buyers want spacious living space for cooking, eating, entertainment etc. however, they find it extremely challenging to decorate and carry out multiple functions in a single massive room. For that reason, architects have shifted toward designs that help segment living spaces into more manageable areas. Hence, this leads to multiple designs like central fireplaces, sunken living rooms, floating staircases and built-in shelving.

Increased green spaces:

it is a beautiful trend that is becoming famous in commercial and residential architecture. Many people are now interested in bringing outside indoors. With sliding doors and removable canopies, it has become easier to keep the outdoor areas warm, pleasant, and homely.

Furthermore, designers are paying attention to building patios and play areas that involve green spaces instead of just leaving them to the landscapers.

Smaller homes:

Nowadays, architects are starting to work on ways to make space smaller and living easier. Things like built-in furniture and storage are on the rise. Moreover, the removal parlors and formal dining rooms have no use in modern life, and people are inclined toward more space-saving designs.

Future-ready and hidden technology:

Undoubtedly, the construction industry’s future is dedicated to using advanced technologies and sustainability targets. There are numerous tech. Innovations that make our lives easier, and many designers are including smart technology in their architectural design services Guildford.

Appliances like in-floor heating, lighting and fine-tune appliances are becoming rapidly famous. However, most people dislike showing off and displaying these things. Therefore, architects have found a way to hide these features, such as inbuild speakers or cabinet doors that hide stoves and dishwashers, creating a home that looks as minimalist as possible. In other words, as we move into this decade, we can expect to see a lot of commercial and residential.

Architectural Design Services Guildford
Architectural Design Services Guildford
Farmhouse design:

The industrial trend with its exposed ductwork and concrete or wood flooring is finally waning. The new favourite Architectural Design Services Southampton is a modern farmhouse that brings cosiness to your home and plenty of functionality and practicality.

This style includes open shelves, wood paneling, exposed bricks, gigantic barn doors and rafters. It is becoming popular among many homeowners as it gives such as impactful yet versatile look.

Accessible designs:

With a massive ageing population, accessible designs are becoming the talk of the town. These designs provide enough space for people who desire to age in their existing house instead of moving to a new property. These architectural designs emphasize homes that highlight even flooring, wide open and a lack of stairs.

Redesigning bathrooms:

Though we don’t spend most of our time in our bathrooms, designers have noticed a trend of redesigning bathrooms, especially the sinks. Bathrooms have started to look more elegant, graceful, decent and sophisticated. Not only that, they are turning from minimalistic with only places like toothbrush holders with fresh flowers and scents to enhance the overall look.

By Alberta