Having a strong Instagram presence is a powerful advantage. And one way to get that advantage is by growing your Instagram following. There are currently over 8 million Instagram Business profiles and over a hundred million active Instagram users posting every day. Without the right strategy, it can almost feel like your Instagram post is just another needle in the haystack. If you can’t do effort we suggest you best 10 sites where you Buy Instagram Followers right now Click Here to show.

But don’t get discouraged.

In this article, I’ll be showing you 8 effortless ways to Get More Instagram Followers Australia.

1. Get More Instagram Followers Australia by Hosting a Giveaway

Hosting a Giveaway is one of the best ways to Get More Instagram Followers Australia fast. It doesn’t matter if you have 1, 100, or 1000 followers on your account, anyone can host an Instagram giveaway. It’s simple to start and can drive a ton of Instagram engagement.

How You Can Create an Instagram Giveaway like a Pro

Use an Instagram photo that will drive engagement to the giveaways. Boring photos are always avoided.

Give your followers clear and precise instructions. Giving followers clear instructions on which Instagram post to like, how many friends to tag and what to comment, #giveaway, and lastly where to place the comment.

Include the start and end date of the giveaway. This prevents late entries from people who are seeing your post for the first time. Place an age or location restrictions on your giveaways so your followers to know who’s eligible to enter.

2. Get More Instagram Followers Australia with Co-Promotion

On Instagram, you can use influencers in a wide variety of ways. One way is to partner with them to do co-promotions. Influencers are powerful when it comes to spreading awareness about new products and services. When you create a co-promotion with an influencer, you not only tap into their follower count, you tap into their credibility with that audience. One way run a co-promotion can be to give away a special discount or prize package.

3. Get More Instagram Followers Australia with Hashtags

Using the right hashtags on Instagram is key to getting your content seen. There is a heated debate about how many hashtags you should use, it can either be too little to make an impact or too much and feel like an #overkill. I’ve found that between 10-30 Hashtags along with your own personal branded hashtag seems to do the trick 100% You can get more engagement and Increase Your Instagram Followers.

4. Get More Instagram Followers Australia with Consistent Content

It’s not enough to create great content, you need to be consistent with your Instagram posting.

But what if you’re too busy to be post content everyday?

Social media can be extremely time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. Managing your Instagram account isn’t as painful as you think. You can simply schedule your content ahead of time with social media management tools.This allows you to plan out your content days or even weeks ahead of time so you can focus on other things piling up on your plate.

5. Get More Instagram Followers Australia with a CTA in Captions

Call-to-actions (CTA’s) are a great way to engage people with your content and grow your following.

A CTA can be as simple as asking your followers to share their thoughts in the comments or to share your post, as long a it encourages an action for them to take. The more engagement a post has, the more often it’ll be seen based on Instagram’s algorithm. The more comments and engagement a post has means Instagram will highlight that content to your network. One way of adding CTA’s to your captions would be like this Instagram post.

6. Ways to Use a CTA in your Instagram Captions

Tag a friend Option

Ask followers to comment on the post

Ask people to follow your page

Guide followers to click a link in your bio for more information

Ask followers to share your post with others.

7. Get More Instagram Followers Australia by Replying to Comments

Social media was originally created for us to be well… social. When you use your social media to do more than just sell, you can create a community or a brand personality that people will want to follow. Commenting and engaging with followers on your page is one way to do it. It also looks like there’s a living, breathing person behind your account rather than someone just sprouting out content.

4. Tips to Use Instagram Comments to Engage with Followers

Provide genuine replies to comments about feedback on your content.

Promote on sales or products follower might be interested in.

Answer questions and concerns in the comment sections.

Use it to promote your brand personality

8. Get More Instagram Followers Australia with UGC

User Generated Content (UGC) is content created by individuals outside of the organization or business. It’s authentic and created by your fans. A lot of have gained followers by leveraging the power of user-generated content. And the best thing is that UGC can be from anyone, not just popular influencers. Sharing UGC is a great way to reinforce the community around your brand. Plus when you share content from real customer enjoying and using your products it makes it easier for potential followers or customers to see themselves doing the same. That’s a win-win.