Charmed is a fantasy American television series that ran from 1998 to 2006. Aaron Spelling’s hit show became one of the most interesting TV series about witches. Here are the top facts about the show.

Led by Females

Charmed was one of the few shows led by women, and it became a huge hit. The main characters were three sisters who were witches and had to fight against evil forces. Charmed was created by Constance M. Burge, who wrote the pilot script and worked with the showrunner, Brad Kern. They focused on creating a rare show filled with female characters, a factor that would attract a large female fan base.

The series became one of the most popular television shows. It reached its highest point in 2006 after being ranked as the top show led by female actors. The show wrapped up after eight seasons, during which time it helped to create a new interest in witches and other supernatural elements in everyday life.

The show also focused on the sisterly bond between the three characters. This was another aspect that helped Charmed to stand out from other shows at the time. The series became known for its strong female characters and their relationships with each other.

Budget Issues

Every episode cost the producers approximately $ 2 million. Unfortunately, some episodes required stunts that couldn’t be made within the available funds. The episodes also needed special effects whose costs exceeded the available money. For instance, Phoebe’s ability to levitate was written off due to its high cost of production. Brian Krause was also written off due to budget constraints.

The Book of Shadows

Alyssa Milano, one of the characters, fell in love with the painting of the book of shadows. The painting was done by hand, so she hired the artist to make murals for her wall. It is one of the iconic paintings in the series that fans also find interesting.

More Seasons

The show ended in 2006, but the storyline continued in a comic book. In 2010, Zenoscope Entertainment published the show’s season 9. The season was aired for 18 months, and the final season was published in 2014. Unfortunately, many people believe that the show ended in season eight. Therefore, the last two seasons did not receive as large an audience as the first seasons did.

Unique Storyline

During its production, there were no shows with a similar storyline about witches. Although there were shows about supernatural powers, Charmed presented viewers with a lot of adrenaline, keeping them glued to the screens. It created a baseline for producing other shows depicting witches but with different storylines. When talking about similar TV series, Charmed is one of the shows that many producers or writers would quote as their inspiration.

Charmed is still considered one of the best television shows about witches that was ever produced. The idea, storyline, and characters captured the hearts of people from all over the world. The show was able to entertain people for eight seasons and also provide inspiration for future television series that depicted witches.

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