Holy Writ School is a reputed CBSE school that includes all the best features a school requires. The school offers kindergarten, a primary, secondary, and higher secondary level of education under the CBSE curriculum. It also includes a boarding facility for the students who join from faraway places. It is an excellent choice to get a quality education, and the school applies all the strategies to encourage students to identify their potential and capabilities. The school strengthens every individual academically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially by nurturing them with a safe and secure environment. Admissions are now available for all the classes, and you can get more information by contacting the school premises.

What is Childhood Education?

Childhood education is a field of study that focuses on the education and care of children from birth to age eight. The field includes both academic and non-academic areas of study, such as cognitive development, social and emotional development, and physical development. Early childhood educators may work in a variety of settings, such as preschools, childcare centers, and public and private schools.

The field of childhood education has grown significantly in recent years, as research has shown that the early years of a child’s life are critical to their future success. Early childhood educators play a vital role in supporting the development of young children, and they are often the first educators a child will have.

Childhood education is a field that is both rewarding and challenging, and it is one that requires a great deal of knowledge and skill. Early childhood educators must be able to create a safe and nurturing environment for children, while also providing them with the stimulation and opportunities they need to grow and learn.

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Benefits Of Arts And Crafts In Childhood Education:

Being the best boarding schoolHoly Writ focuses on arts and crafts in early childhood as the concept is crucial in developing the child’s skills at a very early stage. Here are some reasons that explain well the importance of arts and crafts at an early age and the reasons are

  1. Develops The Motor Skills

It is interesting that when the kids use their fingers to play with the art materials, they develop their motor skills by using the small muscles in their hands. The motor skill improves when the kid uses both hands simultaneously. When a child paints, draws, color, glue, or cut anything, the motor skill develops faster. The quicker the motor skill sets, they start to do their activities without anybody’s help.

  1. Improved Literacy Skills

Early childhood stages grasp things faster, and arts and crafts cover significant areas of literacy skills like speaking, reading, listening, and understanding concepts. Interestingly, when children are involved in arts and crafts tasks, they start interacting with each other, and communication skills develop.

  1. Understanding Maths Concept

Math skills positively impact the kids as talent is frequently used, and the kids show interest in understanding the Maths concept, which later helps them in their education. Recognizing different shapes, counting the objects and sorting things based on the features, and measuring the art materials’ length and size help improve kids’ problem-solving skills in the earlier stages.

  1. Develops Creativity

The most critical impact of art and craft on kids is that the activity improves their creativity skills. Children can express their imagination, and self-expression is most important in developing the mental strength of kids. Creativity helps kids try new ideas and ways to approach any concept.

  1. Builds The Confidence Level:

Arts and crafts are the best activity to develop self-esteem and self-confidence in kids. The kids learn things from their mistakes, and the specific attitude helps them reach their goals in their later stages of education and career development. The activity is beneficial in developing patience in children, which is an essential factor for success in life.

  1. Strengthen The Bonding

Arts and crafts activities help parents spend quality time with their kids and the same benefits in better bonding. Parents can understand the interest of their kids and can come across their talents when they spend time with their kids. Arts and crafts activities create space for better bonding and better parenting. It allows parents to discuss various things with their kids for better information.


Arts and crafts activities include various benefits, and only a few are discussed here. Apart from the mentioned benefits, several other factors complement arts and crafts activities in early childhood. Holy Writ School understands the importance of arts and crafts; hence it uses the technique to develop the skills of younger minds in their earlier stages. You can join your kids at the kindergarten level to avail all the benefits. A well-trained staff is an advantage of joining a school where you can get quality care. Admission is going on for the upcoming academic year, and you can contact the school for more relevant information.

By Alberta