Are you ready to challenge yourself and get some adventure in life? Kumara Parvatha trek is not just an ordinary trek with an ordinary story, but it has much more thrillers and adventure for the ones who are ready to push their limits.


It is located in Kodagu, Coorg district which will elevate you to 5600 ft. once you reach the summit. It is the second highest peak in the region and the 4th highest in the state. 


You will find a temple in the foothills 

The shesha parvatha and beyond that you will get to see the kumara parvatha. Once you reach the temple which is also one of the holiest sites for pilgrims in india. You can see worshipers and tourists all day and all night around the temple. In the backdrop of the temple, a board displaying the name of trek will indicate the path and your journey begins from here itself. 


The trail will first take you to the dense forest 

Which is part of pushpagiri wildlife sanctuary. This tropical evergreen forest can hardly make you see the sun rays. if it is summer then it is really a plus point. The foliage makes the perfect canopy and the wilderness in the forest, rich in flora and fauna, is a treat for nature enthusiasts. stand still in the forest and the noise of forest bird chirping, animals roaring will make you serene. once you begin your trek you can reach forest office in about 3 hours. 


Bhattaramane which is near forest office 

It can be seen after escaping from forest, it is the location where you can take rest and have lunch and get yourself energised for much awaited kumara parvatha to show up. resume you trail to sheesha parvatha via kallumantappa where you can have your drinks nearby the small stream. once you start stepping to the summit of sheesha parvatha you will get a glimpse of kumara parvatha and gradualy it will be all visible and you can see your route to the top and the enchanting glory of the peak. firstly it will be steep descent from sheesha parvatha which will take you down to some hundred metres and then again you will entering in the forest. you be witnessing birds and their species in the surroundings, it is also a home to many butterflies. 


The last challenge will be a waterfall 

Which runs only in monsoon and post monsoon. only the rainnwater flows from this cliff. it is not a easy job to climb this rock which is standing vertically. though you do not need a prior experience to do this, but a good fitness is really required. 


The peak

waving at you embarks your capability which will motivate you for the rest of your life. the mesmerising beauty and the 360 degree view from the top is so stunning. get to see the western ghats from the bird view which is majestic. it is one heck of a trek to experience atleast once in life. words will fall short and we need to write one more article so climb to  understand the pleasure of this trek. 


Camping in nature from the busy life of city where you can see the sun going down and the memorable moments for lifetime which you will make here is truly charming. the bonfire in night, singing with your friends is soulful. experience all of this on your trek to kumara parvatha and climb to understand the pleasure and the offerings of this weekend trek. 


Short itinerary

you will be picked up from pickup points in your city and will be driven to kukke subrhamanya temple through a overnight journey. it is 280 km from bangalore. next morning freshen up and start your trail to kumara parvatha peak. after exploring the summit start ypur descent to forest office where you will set your camps and settle yourself for the night. next day explore the nearby markets of kukke subrhamanya and head back towards your city. 


Highlights of the trek

hike to the second highest peak of coorg, which 5624 ft in height is truly an adventure as the trail is steep and the terrains are rough to walk on. but the view from the top is worth the hike which offers you hidden treasures of western ghats. some main highlights of trek are

  • the trail in the starting of the trek through dense forest is majestic
  • western ghats vistas from the summit
  • the grassland after escaping from forest is truly magical.


By Alberta