Lanistar is a Fintech startup bank with a payment card targeting millennials. However, its operation has come under scrutiny after the City regulator said it was operating without the necessary permissions. Its payment card launched with a huge social media campaign, including payment to 3,000 influential social media users. The company hopes to reach unicorn status and PS1bn valuation within the next year. While the City regulator is unhappy with Lanistar’s decision to go public, its founder remains confident that it will grow rapidly.


Fintech startup bank lanistar

As part of its strategy to transform banking in Europe, Fintech startup bank Lanistar is looking to use the latest technology to make the process easier. While banking is a vital activity for many citizens, it can be a cumbersome and time-consuming process. Lanistar plans to use technology to make money management easy, convenient, and secure. The startup hopes to become a Unicorn Company and revolutionize the banking industry in Europe.

The startup hasn’t even launched yet, and is aiming to launch its first customers later this year or early in 2021. The company is also trying to attract the attention of millennials and Generation-Z, who are looking for lifestyle brands. To get a bigger share of the market, Lanistar is looking to partner with Mastercard, the second largest global payments processor.

Its payment card

Lanistar is an emerging FinTech company with a unique payment card that aims to combine transaction security with a more personalized customer experience. The company has been operating since last year. However, it does not offer a physical card. Rather, customers are required to download an app to access their account. This means that consumers will not have to worry about their personal details being compromised when using the card.

Lanistar has a strong team of experts that includes financial analysts, technology specialists, cyber security experts, and marketing and media specialists. The company is located in London, and also has offices in Skopje, Macedonia, and Athens, Greece. Its Athens office will serve as its compliance hub. A 150-person multilingual customer support team is based in Skopje. Its patented technology allows customers to streamline their money with ease.

Its marketing campaign

The new startup has created quite a stir with its controversial marketing campaign. The company is raising funds for global expansion, and the campaign has already created a lot of buzz. The company is also offering investors an opportunity to own a piece of the company before the actual launch date. This is a very unique opportunity. Here are some of the key points about Lanistar’s marketing campaign. Hopefully, the company will learn from this experience and improve its future efforts.

The company is attempting to appeal to the millennial, Generation-Z, and 18-35 demographic with its campaign. As well as celebrities, Lanistar is also offering investors the chance to invest in the company. The brand has raised PS2 million in seed funding, and it now employs 45 people full-time. The company’s founder, Gurhan Kiziloz, has stated his ambition to create a PS1 billion fintech company.

Its partnership with Jumio

To combat online fraud, alternative financial services provider Lanistar has partnered with Jumio, a company that specializes in identity verification solutions. The new solution will be integrated into Lanistar’s polymorphic debit cards, which will be available later this year. It will allow consumers to easily verify their identities using a government-issued ID, a selfie, or liveness detection.

Jumio, an AI-powered identity verification company, recently announced its plans to expand into French markets. As a result of this partnership, the company plans to expand into new markets and provide enhanced customer security and convenience. In addition, the company plans to use the new service to help businesses combat fraud, ensure compliance, and onboard customers faster.

In addition to Jumio, Lanistar has partnered with several financial firms. In June, Mastercard announced that it would support the company’s launch. In a separate deal, Visa and Transact Payments backed startup GPS is set to provide issuer processing technology to Lanistar. The firms, which did not respond to requests for comment, said they are reviewing the FCA’s notice and will respond accordingly.

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