We have a fantastic post for you. I will teach you some popular English Christmas songs, and I’ll teach you about the English grammar and vocabulary in these songs. So why Christmas songs? Well, it’s always a great idea if you learn Christmas songs because they are trendy during Christmas time. Christmas songs play on the radio; they play on in movies, especially Christmas movies, uh, you can find a lot of them on YouTube on Spottily, or on other apps, um, if you’re walking down. On the street in a country that celebrates Christmas, you will probably hear people singing Christmas songs, and you might listen to them.

If you’re walking around the shopping malls, there’s a lot of opportunity to hear these songs and sing if you like to sing again, we sing Christmas songs every year. I have been singing the same Christmas songs since I was a small child, so if you learn them, you will have a lot of opportunities to sing them every year. Again Christmas songs have great examples of grammar as well as vocabulary, so I’m going to share with you a few songs we’re going to talk about Santa Claus is Coming to Town Up on the House Top and Last Christmas by Wham. We’re going to look at the lyrics, the grammar and the vocabulary in these songs and then I’m going to give you some other Christmas song recommendations to check out at the end of the post so before we get started.

The vocabulary of my first word:

It’s essential to know some basic music vocabulary. My first word here is Christmas Carol. A Carol is a type of song. A Christmas Carol is Christmas song so today I’m going to teach you three Christmas carols that’s another way to say Christmas songs uh I have here the word lyrics what are the lyrics of a song well it’s uh a way to say the words of a song So lyrics means the terms of a piece so today I will teach you the lyrics of some Christmas carols I will teach you the words to¬† sometimes there’s a part of the song. I also face difficulty in English grammar and faced problems in writing so I take assistance from professional cmi assignment help because they provide the best writing assistance.

There are some words in the song that repeat again and again and again throughout the piece. The repeated part of the song is the chorus, so I’ll show you the choruses of three songs today. Okay now, this is the last word off-key when something is off, a key means that someone is singing. The musical notes are wrong, or it does not sound correct, so I’m teaching you this word because today I will be singing. Unfortunately, I’m not the best singer I usually sing off-key so my apologies; I’m going to try my best um. Still, you can also listen to these songs on YouTube uh you can type in the name of the song and hear a better singer like Michael Bubble or uh you know, Justin Bibber or Mariah Carey sing these same songs.

Continuous grammar tense:

I’m going to try my best, so you will hear my la singing voice even if it is off-key, so let’s get started with some Christmas music, okay? Hence, our first song is Santa Claus is Coming to Town, so Santa Claus is a character who wears red and has a red hat and a white beard. He tends to be a fat happy man. On Christmas, he goes to different houses. He gives presents to little children, so this song is about when Santa Claus comes so I love this song because it uses the present continuous grammar tense, so the present continuous is one of the first grammar tenses or first verb tenses students, according to computer science assignment.

Learn this is an excellent song for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. All students can learn this song. So to remind you, the present continuous tense is when you have you be a verb, hand it’s conjugated to m I m u r he is she is they are it is, so you have a subject. I you he she we it um Bay you have the be a verb, and then you have your actual verb that is the action with Ing, so let’s look at the present continuous in this song. The title ” Santa Claus is Coming to Town ” is a consecutive sentence.

Learn Christmas songs:

We have Santa Claus who’s the subject we have is, which is our B verb and because Santa Claus is a he, we use is um if it were Mrs. Claus, we would still use is, and then we have our verb come, we add into it, so it becomes coming to town Santa Claus is Coming to Town what is Santa Claus doing he is coming to town, so we have other examples of the present continuous in this song too we’re going to look at the lyrics. I’m not going to teach you the whole piece.

First of all, I don’t remember the whole song usually; when you learn Christmas songs, most people remember part of the Christmas song, but they might not know or remember all the words, so this is the essential part of the song to remember so I’m going to teach you the terms and then we’re going to sing it together, so the first line or the first lyrics is he meaning Santa Claus he’s so remember when we have an apostrophe. An S that’s another way to say he is he’s, he is is the same thing, so he’s making so there we have our verb make and we add into it he’s making a list.

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