Umrah is a most rewarding and fruitful journey for all Muslims and it is a trip to the Almighty Allah’s earthly abode. The minor pilgrimage helps to refresh the mind and soul. Thus, the UK residents set their journey to Makkah for Umrah’s purpose. The UK citizens also faced travel restrictions. But now Saudi Arabis also set new laws to enter Makkah for Umrah.  Do you also wish to go for Umrah packages 2022? Then, get the best Umrah packages at Makkah tours. We offer an unforgettable Umrah experience to the pilgrims.

Purpose of Umrah

Umrah is a non-obligatory act. Every Muslim wishes to do this activity once in a lifetime. Especially physically and financially stable Muslims must do Umrah once in a lifetime. Thus, Muslims of the UK choose a suitable month for Umrah. However, Umrah brings a chance of removing sins and following the right path of Allah. Thus, Muslims show devotion toward Kaaba. Also, they love to find a real purpose in life.

Are Umrah services available in 2022?

Every Muslim must want to know whether the Umrah visa will be open in 2022 or not. Luckily, the Saudi government announced to reopen the doors of Kaaba and presume Umrah visa services. Now Muslims can apply for Umrah. All the services are available according to pilgrims’ schedules and demands. It is great to get the help of trusted travel agents. They can cover all travel facilities for your peace of mind. First of all, choose the registered travel company. Yes, agents can provide valued services at reasonable prices. For us, your safety and security are essential. We have the utmost desire to design high-quality Umrah for your family and spouse.

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What are the new rules of COVID-19?

Traveling to Saudi Arabia for Umrah is a wish of every Muslim. This land has too much diversity in Islamic to ancient places. Therefore, thousands of Muslims travel to Makkah for Umrah’s purpose because now it is open to Muslims. The Saudi government eases the travel restrictions for foreigners. Such as:

  • Pilgrims no longer need to submit PCR test reports.
  • Only vaccinated people can travel to Makkah for Umrah

The Muslims must need to get the permit through Tawakkalna and Eatmarna apps because these apps are working fast. Hence, pilgrims book a pre-planned Umrah easily. Also, they get registered for a permit to enter Haram. The apps will show the suitable time to perform Umrah. However, it is not crucial to update vaccination details on the apps.

Umrah is the holiest pilgrimage and Muslims follow the steps of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Million Muslims travel to Makkah and remove their sins. One of the best things is that they get a chance of being Allah’s guests. Thus, they want to make their journey memorable. In Makkah, Muslims can feel peace and serenity. They love to clean their soul, body, and mind. If you are physically and financially able to do Umrah, then you must do this activity once in a lifetime.

How to get an Umrah visa?

An Umrah visa is an essential part of getting entry into Makkah and Medina. Every agency offers different deals on Umrah packages 2022 with different costs. They all design the packages according to pilgrims’ demands and needs. But some companies offer direct Umrah booking. So, it is great to get help from the best travel company and get the visa, flight, accommodation, and transportation services. Our company offers cheap and affordable packages for Umrah from UK.

Visa requirements for pilgrims

Here we discuss basic Umrah visa requirements to obtain a safe trip:

  • Vaccination details

Firstly, the Umrah pilgrims need to submit COVID-19 and meningitis vaccines. Infants and children under 15 must submit a report of meningitis and polio. The young also get encouragement to do this act.

  • Valid British passport

The Umrah applicant must provide a valid British passport that has 6 months of validation. Plus, the passport must have 2 blank pages. So, they easily get an entry stamp. So, the pilgrims can enter Saudi Arabia and they also get to enter in next destination.

  • Recent photographs

The applicant must submit one passport size, scanned, and recent photograph.  The picture must have a white background and the applicant must look toward the camera. Otherwise, the picture is not acceptable for the application.

  • Application form of visa

The Umrah applicant must submit an application form. It is vital to print out or signed with black ink. Also, the agents must stamp an application for further traveling purposes.

  • Details about family

The applicant must provide complete information about their spouse and children or any relative who is traveling with them. And pilgrims also submit a certificate that shows a relationship with a woman or children like a marriage certificate or birth certificate.

  • Rules for women

Women must be accompanied by a Mahram (male or guardian) for Umrah’s purpose. Women can travel without Mahram who enjoys ages above 45. So, they set the Umrah trip in a form of a group. But if they travel with the organized group must provide a no objection letter from their Mahram.

  • Confirmed tickets

The applicant needs to provide a returned ticket and purchase a confirmed ticket at a reliable agency.

  • E-visa services

British passport holders can apply for E-visa which is an extremely easy and simple way. The pilgrims can apply online through an agent or Saudi Arabia visa website. They must complete the process and fulfill all travel requirements.

Children also wish to travel with their guardians. It is helpful for their trip. But they must travel on the same flight and enjoy the journey.

Design well-crafted Umrah packages 2022

Makkah tours make your spiritual journey more pleasing and comfortable. We love to provide money-saving ideas to the pilgrims. And they can avail of our numerous designed Umrah booking according to their demands.

Best and smooth procedure

Makkah Tours always makes sure to do its best for its clients. Our agents work day and night to make our clients satisfied. If you want a better and smooth procedure for Umrah from UK then you can contact our agents. They are available 24 hours at your service and will guide you in the best way. So pilgrims can avoid any kind of confusion. It is our responsibility to provide you with the best Umrah packages 2022 and make a memorable journey for you.

Get special customized Umrah packages

Makkah tours made special and quality arrangements for Allah’s guests. We offer special and customized deals for the Muslim community.  Thus, our clients enjoy better transportation services in Makkah. They are advised to pick our cheap and exclusive deals. But we promise to design excellent and quality services. So, they can enjoy Umrah with great devotion.

Are you traveling with elders, the disabled, and kids? Then you should inform us beforehand. Makkah Tours keeps in touch with leading and famous airlines. Thus, we can reserve various flights. All are easily available for esteemed clients.  Our agents also offer transportation in Makkah. They also guide the pilgrims to make Ziarat. Hence, we also have the best relationship with the transporters. So, we can offer air-conditioned transportation to the pilgrims. Agents at Makkah tours also bring religious guidance to make a memorable journey. We love to focus on the pre-plan journey. So don’t be shy to book advance Umrah packages at Makkah Tours.