Whether moving to a new city or temporarily selling your property, leaving your house sparkling clean is important. For you or a cleaner, this ensures creating a move-out cleaning checklist. To recoup their security deposit, tenants will probably need to thoroughly clean. Both parties benefit from performing a thorough cleaning before moving out, as it creates a good impression. Moving out cleaning is simple to overlook, though. However, your checklist will be based on the size of your house and what techniques you will be using. Therefore, a complete professional apartment cleaning checklist is discussed below as a starting point for your convenience.

Move-out Cleaning

Now that the rooms are empty or almost empty, your only focus should be cleaning the entire area. Professional apartment cleaning services suggest that your apartment should be in the same state as when you moved in. Many rental agreements also have a clause for additional move-out cleaning. All of this can be made easier when you have a checklist for every area of the house. In general, a move-out cleaning includes

  • The dusting of all wall and ceiling fixtures
  • Nails and screws should be removed from the walls
  • Window rails should be cleaned
  • Doors and doorknobs should be cleaned
  • Switches and electrical outlets should all be cleaned
  • Walls and baseboards should be cleaned
  • If there is carpet flooring, make sure to call a professional to remove hard and stubborn stains.
  • Removal of cobwebs from the corners of the house

1. Living Room

One of the rooms in a home that people frequently use is the living room. Therefore, long decluttering sessions might be necessary before cleaning your living room. Because there is a high chance of it getting dirty again. You can concentrate on cleaning the living room once you’ve managed the clutter. When cleaning your living room, remember to take the following into consideration.

  • Clean all the lighting fixtures
  • Make sure you fix any drywall damages before cleaning the stains on them
  • Clean the doors, including doorknobs
  • Regardless of the type, all floors should be cleaned deeply
  • Windows and rails should be dusted, and the glass mirror should be cleaned using a top-rated window cleaner
  • Vents and ducts should be free of dust
  • Clean the baseboards thoroughly
  • Before a final vacuum, be sure to dust the area. This will remove all the cobwebs properly.

2. Bathroom

Cleaning bathrooms can be a hassle. However, in professional apartment cleaning, the bathroom should be disinfected. Consequently, more effort will be required while cleaning the bathroom. As you conduct your move-out cleaning, follow this bathroom cleaning checklist.

  • Clean the shower and tub with a detergent to remove the soap scum
  • Make sure to clean the bathroom vanity and drawers thoroughly, and take out any liners
  • Sweep the floors with a detergent before cleaning the toilet, sink, and countertop
  • Replace the toilet seat if it has a bad appearance
  • Wipe clean the mirror
  • If the fan surface is particularly dusty, vacuum it out.

3. Bedroom

Fortunately, cleaning a bedroom only requires a little organizing rather than much cleaning. You might need to get a friend to come over and help you take apart your furniture and bed. Aside from that, your bedroom will be among the simplest rooms in your apartment to clean. Before leaving permanently, make sure you’ve cleaned the following areas.

  • The glass and sills of a window must be cleaned
  • All floors should be mopped thoroughly
  • The wardrobe and drawers should be dusted
  • Wall lights and ceiling fans should be free of dust
  • Doors and doorknobs should be cleaned

Packing clothes that are in a closet is simple. Put as many clothes as will fit inside a bag. When you unpack in your new house, you’ll be able to hang up lots of clothes quickly.

4. Kitchen

Cleaning up in the kitchen is difficult. It will easily take a day to bring it in top shape, from cleaning up grease to emptying the refrigerator. Although, you don’t need to worry as long as you follow this professional apartment cleaning checklist. What needs to be cleaned before moving out is listed below.

  • Backsplash and countertops should be sparkling clean
  • Clean the faucets and fixtures with the best detergent you can get
  • Clean the cabinets and drawers from both an inside and an outside
  • Dust clean all the appliances
  • Clean the oven, refrigerator, and microwave from inside
  • Remove the food spills from the top of the stove
  • Move the stove, then clean all around it
  • Move the refrigerator and clean the area all around it
  • Dust clean the Interior blinds, baseboards, ledges, and glass
  • Sweep the floors with a cleaner to remove any stains on them

Final cleaning tasks before you move out permanently feel a huge burden when you don’t have a proper checklist. Cleaning checklists guide your decision-making and outline the steps you should take before vacating the house. However, using this checklist ensures that you attend to every aspect of the property’s cleanup. If you require assistance, several companies offer professional apartment cleaning services. Call them to book your appointment today.