Nanyang Technological University offers an MSC in Business Analytics. The Nanyang Business Analytics program provides a practical hands-on approach and theoretical knowledge.

The highlights of The Business Analytics program are-

  • Cutting-edge Modules
  • Experienced Faculty
  • Leading Industry Partners
  • Impressive Career Outlook
  • Future Focused Curriculum
  • Industry Relevance and Exposure
  • Cross-Disciplinary Learning
  • Alumni Networking
  • Dedicated Career Development Team

The Curriculum of the Program

The Nanyang Master’s in Business Analytics program consists of core modules and electives. The core modules are Data Management and Visualization, Analytics and Machine Learning in Business, AI and Big Data in Business, Analytics Strategy, Data Analytics Practicum, Programming Essentials, Foundations of Statistical Analysis, Advanced Database Management, Advanced Programming, Storytelling through Data Visualization and Time Series for Business Analytics.

The electives offered are AI with Advanced Predictive Techniques in Finance, Design Thinking & Technology Management, Data Analytics for Credit and Related Risk, Insurance Analytics, Information Analytics & ERP, Machine Learning Methodology, Blockchain for Business, Introduction to Cyber Security, and Operations Analytics.

Application Requirements and Deadlines

The Application Requirements of Nanyang MSC in Business Analytics program are-

  • A Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited institution
  • Competitive GMAT/GRE scores
  • TOEFL/IELTS score
  • Work experience is preferred but not mandatory
  • Resume
  • Application Fee
  • Essay Questions
  • Colored Photos
  • Two Referee Reports

Application Deadlines

The application process has three deadlines. The first deadline is in November, the second deadline is in January and the third deadline is in March.

Application Instructions

  • The Resume must be concise and precise. It must not exceed more than three pages. The resume must include academic history, career trajectory, and accomplishments.
  • The photos must be older than three months and must be in high-resolution JPEG format.
  • The Recommender can be your professor or current supervisor.
  • The Essay questions are compulsory. The essay questions must articulate your thoughts.

Application Process

  1. Creation of Online Profile
  2. Preparing Supporting Documents
  3. Completing the Online Application and Paying the Fees
  4. Interview
  5. Final Selection
  6. Accepting the Offer

Cost of the Program and Financial Aid

The cost of the Nanyang MSC in Business Analytics program is S $66,271. The cost covers the Application Fee, Enrolment Fee, Tuition Fee, Student Service fee, and Health service fee.

Financial Aid

The financial aid options offered by Nanyang Technological University are-

  • MSC Business Analytics Merit Scholarship
  • ASEAN Development Scholarship
  • NTU Alumni Grant
  • Singapore Citizen & Singapore PR Grant
  • SG:D Scholarship by Infocomm Media Development Authority
  • SBI Education Loan
  • RHB Education Loan
  • Maybank Loan
  • Prodigy Finance( International Students)


The scholarships options are-

  • MSC Business Analytics Merit Scholarship– MSC Business Analytics Merit Scholarship is awarded on a competitive basis. It is a partial scholarship that covers tuition fees. The scholarship is awarded based on academic credentials, application, and admission interview. To apply for this scholarship students have to complete the scholarship essay, in the online application form. Students must submit their application form during the first round of application.
  • ASEAN Development Scholarships– ASEAN Development Scholarships are awarded to ASEAN member countries except for Singapore. The scholarship covers 40/ of the tuition fees. The scholarship is awarded based on academic records, leadership qualities, and potential and career progression. To apply for this scholarship students have to fill out the scholarship section in the online application.
  • NTU Alumni Grant- NTU Alumni Grant is awarded to students who have completed bachelor or Postgraduate Degree at NTU. The grant covers 10/ of the tuition fees.
  • Singapore Citizen and Singapore PR Grant– Singapore Citizen and Singapore PR Grant are awarded to Singaporean residents. The grant covers 10/ of the tuition fees. Miscellaneous fees and application fees are not covered by Singapore Citizen and Singapore PR Grant.

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