There are 22 National Park Service sites in New York State as of 2020. New Jersey and New York kingdom proportion two of those national park sites. This entire listing of websites shares the highlights of each site – including monuments, monuments, exercise areas, ancient or even a countrywide seashore. Read on for pics of each of New York State’s National Park Service websites, full information on what makes it special, and extra hints for anybody traveling.

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  • African Burial Ground National Monument
  • Castle Clinton National Monument
  • Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site
  • Federal Hall National Memorial
  • Fire Island National Seashore
  • Fort Stanwix National Monument
  • Gateway National Recreation Area
  • General Grant National Monument
  • Governors Island National Monument
  • Hamilton Grange National Monument
  • Harriet Tubman National Historical Park
  • Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site
  • Martin Van Buren National Historic Site
  • St. Paul’s Church National Historic Site
  • Sagamore Hill National Historic Site
  • Saratoga National Historical Park
  • Statue of Liberty National Monument
  • Stonewall National Monument
  • Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site
  • Theodore Roosevelt Inauguration National Historic Site
  • Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site
  • Women’s Rights National Historical Park

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African Burial Ground National Monument

This country-wide monument is also a US National Historic Landmark located in New York, New York. It became unique as one of the National Park Service sites in New York because it contained over 419 African remains buried all through the 17th to 18th centuries. The website online represents a portion of the most important cemetery for humans of African descent from the colonial era. Some of those stays belonged to African slaves, even as most are unfastened.

In the 18th century, the website online become known as the “Negro Burial Ground” and contained somewhere between 10,000 and 20,000 burials. This national monument is presently known as the most critical urban archaeological undertaking in America.

Castle Clinton National Monument

Located in Manhattan, New York, Castle Clinton National Monument become once referred to as Castle Garden or Fort Clinton. It is a circular sandstone fortress this is pleasantly remembered as America’s first immigration station. About eight million people arrived in the Americas from the mid to overdue 19th century, and the citadel performed an important function in that time frame in records.

Before being distinctive as a national monument, the castle became extensively utilized as an exhibition hall, beer lawn, public aquarium, and theatre.

Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site

This 181-acre ancient website is one of the National Park Service websites in New York City. It become hooked up to keep the house of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, a cottage in Val-Kil. The areas across the belongings have been also included on the blanket web page. This house turned into the simplest residence of Eleanor Roosevelt and it became right here that she spent her time in 1945 after the loss of life of her husband, former US President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Before the website was managed by way of the United States NPS, it changed into bought by developers and transformed into a condominium unit.

Federal Hall National Memorial

Constructed within the 18th century, Federal Hall in New York became America’s first capital construction. It was here that the first US President George Washington became inaugurated. However, in 1812 the construction became demolished. Three long times later, the brand new Federal Hall National Memorial changed into built, now the web page of the US Customs House. Management of this crucial and historical building was exceeded over to the National Park Service to help in the protection of the construction and to commemorate the historical activities that occurred here.

Fire Island National Seashore

The assets are intended to preserve a 26-mile stretch of Fire Island, which includes 17 private communities. This countrywide seaside is simplest on hand via bridges and lacks national roads. You can simplest go to Fire Island using a personal boat or yacht. The Fire Island National Seashore turned into indexed as one of the dealing gadgets of the National Park Service in 1964.

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Fort Stanwix National Monument

It is one of the National Park Service sites in New York. The monument is of historical significance because of the successful defense of American troops during the siege of 1777. Due to the strategic vicinity of the fortress, this citadel become built by the British. However, it become captured by American troops throughout the American Revolutionary War which led to its abandonment via the British Army. It is likewise the website of the 1768 Treaty of Fort Stanwix, mounted between Native American tribes and the British. Apart from the fortress, the assets also consist of three small rails that surround the citadel.