Technology has bombarded the entire world. Due to the advancement in technology, on-demand apps are taken over the world. We are gradually moving towards an era where apps are custom-made, convenient, and on-demand. Due to the development of on-demand apps, we have multiple options related to our preferences and pricing. 

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This article highlights the top 10 essential features that must be present in your on-demand app in order to compete with your rivals. 

Top 10 Must-Have Features to Consider During the Creation of On-Demand Application 

  • Search and Filter Option

Customers are always keen to shop for the preferred products or services. And they are always seeking an app that provides them with efficient search results based on their requirements. Thus, in order to compete with your competitors, you should integrate an advanced search and filter option in your app. In that way, you can attract more customers to your app. 

Ultimately, you can generate more sales and leads in a short span of time. 

  • Push Notifications 

According to a survey, it has been revealed that the opening rate of push notifications is more than 90% than any other method. In fact, push notifications, nowadays, are considered one of the tremendous methods to connect with your customers. 

With the help of these notifications, you can launch new products/services, offer coupons and discounts to your customers, and announce new deals and important information regarding your upcoming projects. 

Overall, if push notifications are properly segmented, it has been found that they have a higher retention rate, i.e., 93% in total. 

  • Integrate Feedback Mechanism 

One of the tremendous ways to drive immense sales and leads in a short span of time is by collecting reviews and ratings of customers. For that purpose, you can introduce a feedback mechanism in your application where consumers can share their experiences and give ratings to your products or services. 

Also, the integration of a feedback mechanism also improves the credibility of your customers towards your business. 

Most importantly, gathering visitors’ reviews allows you to take corrective measures and make amendments to your app accordingly.

  • Order Chasing  

Most mobile apps don’t feature an order tracking option in real time. The reason to switch towards on-demand apps is the versatility and the transparency it provides to their consumers. 

With the advent of reliable internet such as Spectrum cable internet and the device’s GPS system, customers can keep track of their ongoing delivery parcels. Also, they could monitor their upcoming delivery parcels’ location in real time.    

  • Order History 

On-demand apps simplify a lot of things, and managing order histories are one of them. Undoubtedly, order histories are a great way to retain customers. 

Not only this feature allows customers to keep track of their product delivery, but also it gives access to consumers to re-order their favorite products and services. 

Furthermore, this feature makes the automation process easy and convenient. Also, via this feature, consumers can see the most purchased product history as well. 

Overall, the order history function is an exceptional way to double the revenue within no time. 

  • Real-time Monitoring 

Real-time analytics is an unmatched feature in any on-demand application. This feature gives you insights into customers’ behavior and other analytics. 

Also, with this touchpoint, you can easily determine who your competitors are and what products/services they are dealing with. This will give you an idea to uncover red zones regarding your targeted audience and helps to make them more airtight. 

All in all, with a real-time monitoring feature, you can optimize your app based on the user’s experiences and suggestions. 

  • Multiple Transaction Options 

Most on-demand apps provide limited payment channels. Thus, they leave the customers exasperated. 

Visitors always love to shop from an app or a website that offers them incredible and massive payment gateways. 

Therefore, to make your app stand out from the rest, you must integrate a wide range of transaction methods into your application. 

In that way, visitors will trust your brand, and automatically, it will help you generate more sales and traffic. 

Some of the popular and easiest payment channels are digital wallets, credit and debit cards, cash-on-delivery options, and internet banking. 

  • Effortless User Registration 

Customers don’t like to pay attention to those applications that require a long, chaotic, time-consuming user registration process. 

Suppose any user opens your application; the first thing they need to deal with is the registration process. If the app’s sign-up process involves multiple steps and stages, there are chances your visitor will leave the app in the midway. 

Thus, to attain customers in the long run, it’s best to provide them with efficient sign-up procedures. You can integrate distinct social media channels and email registration options in this regard. That way, your visitors could easily connect with your app without making any challenging efforts.  

  • Wish Lists 

Some audiences don’t necessarily make use of your on-demand app to purchase goods or services. Instead, there are some individuals out there who just love to explore apps and their services. By introducing the wish lists feature in your app, your customers can add their favorite products so that they can order them in the future. 

Wish lists are a great way to lock your future customers. In this regard, you can make use of push notifications, too. 

  • Cyber Security 

You must make sure that your app is safeguarded with the right parameters. It has been observed that almost 13,319 susceptibilities and threats were found in nearly 1,607 apps in the last few years. 

Every other day hackers and cyber-punk are coming up with newer ways to create serious threats and viruses in apps. Therefore, you must ensure that your app follows all the safety and security parameters. 

Final Thoughts 

In the preceding write-up, we have covered the top 10 must-have features you shouldn’t neglect while creating your on-demand application. 

We hope you may find our review article useful and informative.