carpet retailer in Hong Kong

We provide a fully equipped and certified technician

Carpet cleaning professionals use high-end carpet cleaning equipment and chemicals that can fight any stain.

  1. The cleaner will inspect your carpets

Therefore, we can use the right detergents. Certain carpets can be dried and cleaned only.

  1. Everything can be cleaned off the spot

We first vacuum, and then we employ hot extraction equipment or do Dry carpet washing.

  1. Enjoy your new carpet and a healthier, more comfortable home

You now have a fresh clean carpet retailer in Hong Kong that looks fresh and brand new.

Why Choose Fantastic Services for Your Carpet Cleaning?

If you’re doing a complete spring cleaning, or just want to refresh your rug and carpets and rugs, we’ll treat them professionally.

Carpet cleaners for professionals

The service you receive is provided by trained and certified carpet cleaners with experience in the latest cleaning methods. They are fully insured to use specific equipment and execute all industry-approved cleaning methods for carpets and rugs.

Steam cleaning of carpets

Carpets that are heavily polluted and suffer from deep embedded stains carpets with high traffic or that are used in commercial settings usually benefit from cleaning using this hot-water extraction technique. The process of steam cleaning consists of pretreating Carpet cleaning services in hong kong and then washing them thoroughly using steam cleaning machines. Most of the moisture was removed along with the loose soil. A drying time of around 4 hours is needed.

Cleansing dry carpets

Carpets that are delicate or lightly polluted are usually cleaned using the dry-cleaning technique. It involves the use of dry carpet cleaner that is incorporated into the carpet fibers by the motor of the bonnet machine to shake the top carpet layer. The machine can remove the dirt that has been encapsulated along with the solvent. The best options for this kind of service for hard surfaces include grout and tile cleaning or high-pressure cleaning which are ideal for concrete surfaces.

Professional rug cleaning services

The service is offered to you by experts who increase confidence and competence in cleaning rare or delicate carpets. They Fantastic steam cleaning experts constantly check the carpet to determine the best cleaning solution. The cleaning solutions they employ have been tested in the field and are non-toxic and soft on fabric. The result is freshened and clean rugs. the colors come back and look new and fresh.

Cleaning your rug is more complicated than carpets. Rugs are generally made from more delicate materials such as silk, wool sisal, jute, sisal, and many others. Each one is unique and requires specific maintenance. The Fantastic cleaning professionals are aware of how to handle each of them uniquely.

Cleaning dry carpets

For carpets and rugs that aren’t able to handle extracting hot water, we suggest the method of drying carpets.

We will first vacuum the surface to get rid of larger particles and dirt. If there are staining issues, then we’ll treat deep rug cleaners hong kong by the stain’s type and surface. This will result in the best results in cleaning. After that, we apply Dry carpet powder.

The advantages here are that there is virtually no water usage which is more sustainable and results in significantly less drying time. There is less chance of harming delicate materials. However, this technique does not work for all types of stains.

Additional benefits that are included along with the carpet cleaning service

Fantastic Services offers customers the possibility to benefit from the easy reminder service which allows the customer is invited to schedule the next appointment for carpet maintenance ahead of time. Making sure you take cleaning off your carpets can extend their lifespan. Therefore, we recommend you make an appointment for the routine carpet-cleaning service at 6-12 as well as 18-month intervals, or whenever you’re required to.

Furthermore, you can qualify to get additional discounts when you join several services. In this case, say, you could hire our steam carpet cleaning service which is a professional and deep cleaning service, and get the mattresses and furniture that are upholstered cleaned, and sanitized at the same time. Cleaning grout and tile is another solution to refresh the flooring of your home.