Paula Newsom is a veteran stage, film, and TV Actress. She is well-known for her stellar performance on the award-winning HBO series “Barry”.


Newsome was born in and was raised in Chicago in the United State of America. Since making the move from Chicago to New York, she has been cast on the show “Carousel” an Oscar-winning production that is part of Lincoln Center, the house of art and performance. Prior to making her debut on the big screen as a romantic comedic actress in “Straight talk” as well as in the crime drama “Women’s Murder Club” Newsome co-starred with Angie Harmon.

QUICK FACTS About Paula Newsome
Name Paula Newsome
Age 51
Paula Newsome Birthday 1971
Birth Place Chicago, Illinois, United States
Husband George Daniels
Height 5′ 5″
Weight 53 kg
Waist 25
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown

Famous Paula Newsom’s films

S/No Movies Year
1 Straight Talk 1992
2 Little Miss Sunshine 2006
3 Black or White 2014
4 Spider-Man: No Way Home 2021
5 Reign Over Me 2007

Famous TV shows of Paula Newsom

S/No TV Show Year
1 City Keeper 1992
2 Swift Justice 1996
3 Law and order 1998
4 Heroes 2007
5 Suit 2011
6 Backstrom 2015
7 Code black 2016
8 Doubt 2017
9 Barry 2018
10 Boomerang 2019
11 The Unicorn 2020
12 CSI: Vegas 2021

What is Paula Newsome’s Age?

The exact date of birth for Paula Newsome has not been known. However, we have learned that she first opened her eyes in the year 1971 at Chicago, United States. She is 51 as of today. She holds American citizenship right from birth and is of an African American ethnic background. The parents of her, and the details of her siblings are not available. However, as more information regarding it is revealed, we will keep you updated and share.

What was the place where Newsome obtained her education?

In discussing Paula Newsome’s academic specifics, we be aware that she’s an educated lady. She has completed her studies through Morgan Park Academy. Paula Newsome has gained a degree from Webster University’s Conservatory of Theater Arts.

Who is Paula Newsome’s Husband?

Paula Newsome is living a happy life in marriage with her devoted partner, George Daniels. Daniels is a professional musician and runs the record store and music shop named George Music Room. There isn’t any further information on their wedding dates or their relationship status. We also cannot determine whether they have children between them.

Paula Newsome’s acting professional profession?

She has appeared on over a dozen television shows. Paula is famous for her portrayals of her character, Dr. Claire Washburn in the television show Women’s Murder Club and as Maxine Roby on the cult television show CSI: Vegas.

Newsome has also appeared on big screens as well. Her film debut came in the film Straight Talk, where she was the character Ellen. She also appeared in top-quality films like Guess Who, Things We Lost in Fire along with Black or White. Paula Newsome has played a amazing part in the Marvel cinematic film Spiderman, No Way Home and many others.

Paula Newsome Body Measurements

According to online sources Paula Newsome’s height was 5 ‘ 5″ (165 centimetres) and she has a weight at 53 kilograms (117 pounds.). The measurements of her body are 33-25-35 inches. Furthermore her eyes are brown with her long hair and flowing brown. There was an rumor that Paula has a limp in the event that Paula Newsome walks. There is no official confirmation about her health condition or injuries she has suffered from.

What is Paula Newsome’s Net Worth?

Paula is acting from the mid 1990s. That’s nearly three decades in her professional life. In addition, throughout these years she has been capable of executing high-budget projects that boost her earnings. Her net worth is estimated to be approximately 3 million dollars in 2022. That is an excellent return. The money she earns comes from her acting career, and there is no doubt, she’s living life to the fullest.

Is Paula active on Social Media?

Paula is via Instagram along with Twitter with a good follower base. On Instagram she has amassed more than 3000 followers. In addition, she is followed by over 35k people on Twitter. In addition, on several social media platforms, users admit that Paula is a model for Oprah Winfrey.

Questions regarding Paula Newsome

  • Why Paula limps? Paula be limp?

According to unsubstantiated rumors, Newsom suffered a knee injury but there’s no evidence to prove his claim.

  • What is Gavin Newsom related to Paul Pelosi?

Gavin Newsom’s aunt once married to Paul Pelosi’s brother-in-law. the law of marriage. However, the wedding ended with a divorce.

  • How old is Paula Newsome?

The American Performer is aged 51.

  • What makes Paula Newsome walk funny?

The abnormality in her walking could result from fatigue or an unsuitable outfit, but there is no way to confirm it.

  • Are you and Paula Newsome married?

Paula Newsome is married to George Danial who is a musician by profession . He also has an own store for records.

  • Does Paula Newsome related to Oprah Winfrey?

Paula Newsome has reportedly no connection to Ophra Winfrey, besides a resemblance that can cause confusion among viewers.

  • Who is Paula Newsome?

Paula Newsome is a well-known television, film stage and film actress. The actress is American national.

  • Do you think Paula Newsome have a disability?

There aren’t any confirmed reports regarding Newsome’s condition. There are rumors that she may have trouble awakening.

  • How is Paula Newsome doing now?

Paula is extremely active. In 2021, she appeared as a character in CSI: Vegas and Spiderman”No way out”

  • What’s the story with Paula Newsome’s condition?

Newsome’s health condition is not known however , based on her latest work and photos, she appears to be in good shape.


By Alberta