Many people in the world face erectile dysfunction and other penile-related issues. They feel helpless and inferior about their condition and instead of doing anything about it they hide it from everybody and suffer alone. If married or have a partner, these kinds of issues may affect their relationship and become a reason for their fights. But thanks to science and technology that several cures and treatments for penile-related issues are now possible. One such treatment is Penile Implants.

What are Penile Implants?

There are various dysfunctions and ailments related to penile that are faced by people. These could be erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease, issues with sexual functions, etc. To treat such dysfunctions and diseases, certain implants are done. These implants are known as penile implants or prostheses.

People who are not able to treat such issues through other methods undergo this procedure. For the implant to take place, one has to undergo surgery where the médico de implante de pene places an inflatable rod inside the penis which has a saline liquid inside it and a pump inside the scrotum of the patient. The person can Inflate or deflate the penis according to his desires by pressing the pump, which leads to the transfer of saline to the device, causing the erection.

Why One Should Consider These Implants?

These implants can be life-changing for a lot of people. Following are some reasons why one should consider it:

  • Usually, around 97% of the patients claim that they are satisfied with the surgery.
  • The recovery phase after the surgery is around 1-1.5 months. After that, the person can enjoy their sexual life.
  • The penis looks normal and it is very difficult to tell if the person has undergone surgery. The function remains the same.
  • It is a safe surgery while having very less chances of infection.
  • The patient’s sensations or orgasms are also not affected.
  • These implants usually last for a longer duration. The experts give proper guidance and assure that the surgery would last for around 10 years or even more.

This Implant, no doubt has a ton of benefits. However, there could also be some risks associated with this surgery, some of which are given as follows:

  • Infections
  • Scars
  • heavy bleeding after the surgery
  • Mechanical failure, etc.

Procedure the Patient Undergoes Before Getting the Surgery

A doctor cannot do surgery directly. He needs to perform certain tasks beforehand and then take the action accordingly. Following are some of the things a patient undergoes before getting the surgery:

  • Medical History

Doctor questions the medical history of the patient. He also asks about the medications one takes and current diseases or issues he goes through. This helps him know more about the patient and plan the surgery accordingly.

  • Physical Exam

There are different kinds of penile implants depending on patients, their issues, and their needs. To identify which one would suit best for them, one has to undergo a physical exam. This exam will help the penile implant doctor identify the type of erectile dysfunction and also confirm that there is no other way for it to be treated. Not only that, but the doctor would also confirm that the surgery would be safe and not cause any complications in the future. Then only he would proceed with the procedure.

  • Counselling and Guidance

Before undergoing the surgery, the doctor and the patient have a conversation related to the surgery, it’s aftereffects, and what difference it would bring to the life of the patient. The doctor shall guide the patient about the surgery, its benefits, and risks and he will also enlighten the patient about the type of penile implant suitable for him. The patient, in turn, can share his expectations and clarify his queries, if any.

A penile implant is a great option for people who have erection-related issues. One can undergo this surgery only after making sure that it cannot be treated any other way. This surgery thus is a lifesaver and can help a person live with confidence and contentment and help enjoy his life to the fullest.