This is a technique that may seem counterproductive to the extent that it leads you to enrich websites that may be your competitors with your own content. But when you take a closer look, guest blogging is a win-win concept when you take advantage of it properly.

In fact, for the blog you publish, guest blogging is a completely free source of quality content, which will drive traffic and allow you to have traffic and improve your SEO.

As a guest blogger, this tactic allows you to gain more visibility and showcase your expertise to a targeted audience . In addition, you will benefit from the traffic on your website thanks to the links that you will place in your guest article and that point to your website.   

Why submit a guest post? What are the advantages?

Guest blogging is a very effective tactic that allows you to enjoy a series of advantages.  

A free method accessible to all

One of the reasons why guest blogging is a popular practice is based on the fact that it is accessible to everyone and free . In fact, you can write guest articles that will be published on the most important blogs in your topic, and this, without taking €1 out of your pocket .

Also, you don’t necessarily need a blog before submitting guest posts. You only need:

  • able to write excellent quality content;
  • Learn how to submit your article.

Basically, you don’t need anything else to start your guest posts.

A great way to get known

It is not easy to have a significant amount of traffic when you have just launched your blog. To do this, you will have to use several levers. Posting guest articles is one of them, as it is a great way to promote your project.

In fact, you will have the opportunity to showcase your expertise on a blog with more authority and popularity than yours . That without a doubt is a great opportunity to start making yourself known.  

To effectively develop your authority and credibility

For your blog to thrive, your target audience must know about it and consider it a reference on your topic . This is exactly what guest posting will allow you to do, as it will allow you to highlight your expertise directly on blogs that are already popular on your topic.   

Also, some bloggers, especially those who have highly influential sites, may inadvertently lend credibility to your image by accepting your content. This reinforces your authority with the audience you want.

Get links to your blog

In terms of SEO, backlinks are very important elements in SERP rankings and guest post writing can lend itself to this goal. In fact, you can insert links to your blog in the guest posts you post. This will allow readers to go directly to your website if they want to.

Get quality traffic

When your article is interesting enough, some readers are likely to visit your blog to learn about you and learn more about the topic you are working on. This so-called “referral” traffic is often considered to be of high quality , as opposed to ad visitors, for example.

While traffic from ads usually has a lot of visitors who don’t know exactly what to expect when they come to your website. So they tend to leave quickly. your website after just a few clicks.    

While guest posting traffic is made up of visitors getting to know you through your content and sometimes your author profile on the host’s blog. Therefore , they more or less know what you offer before going to your blog and are much more likely to subscribe to your newsletter or use your products or services.

Create new relationships with bloggers

One of the significant benefits of guest blogging is that it allows you to build new relationships with other bloggers and influencers on your topic. This is a very collaborative blogging strategy , and you will most likely keep in touch with other bloggers after your article is published.

To create a healthy relationship, there are no secrets:

  • Respond politely and quickly to emails;
  • Submit your drafts on time;
  • Create high quality.

By implementing these different actions, you will have a better chance of maintaining a healthy relationship. Additionally, these relationships can also turn into other guest blogging opportunities in the future, and when you properly leverage your connections, they can lead to other projects like:

  • co-marketing;
  • e-books;
  • Online courses;
  • Etc…

Not to mention, you can also use these connections to get more influential guest blogging opportunity submissions.