Goa is small but large in diversity. The Portuguese made the discovery around 1500.Winter days are when more people from abroad visit Goa. Goa is home to some of the most beautiful beaches, huge waterfalls, amazing seafood, exciting markets, party-loving nightlife, and wildlife sanctuaries.


It is an unforgettable experience to visit Goa. It was a three-day festival. My team, which was approximately 2 lacs strong, was responsible for the safety and health of the visitors. The hostel was great for those with a limited budget. The hostel has a large hall, small hut-like rooms for one person, and one big washroom. We went to Vagator Beach after the festival. It was breathtaking, with the red cliffs and red sunset. It was a wonderful experience to enjoy the delicious cuisine at one of the top-notch restaurants while watching the sunset. We visited north Goa, visiting various beaches such as Calangute and Baga. These beaches are famous for their many restaurants and resorts and the water activities they offer.


Calangute beach, New Year’s Eve

. We enjoyed the DJ evening at a beach restaurant. It was an amazing new year’s Eve 2020. But, we all know where 2020 went. Chapora Fort was a popular tourist spot.  Sinquerim beach in north Goa is a spectacular spot. The absolute curve of its coast offers a breathtaking view. Swimming and water sports are perfect on this beach. The fort is located at the coastline line and can be accessed by stepping down. The fort offers a breathtaking view. The picturesque location in Parra, north Goa, is very popular with youths. It has palm trees along both sides of the narrow road. This is where many Bollywood movies were shot, such as dear Zindagi and malang. It was difficult to find this location when we visited Parra. Ask locals for information about the location and they will direct you.

About  Panjim

Panjim is the capital of Panjim with indian Portuguese cultural heritage. Rome is a city of architecture, churches, and villas. GOA, Rome of the East. Glamour is everywhere in the nightlife, casinos, and cruise ships. You will also find peaceful, serene beaches if you head towards the south. South Goa is the perfect destination for those who love offbeat destinations. Some of the most famous beaches are Colva, Galgibaga, and Palolem. These beaches are home to turtles.

The majestic Dudhsagar waterfall is located 60km from Panjim. The highest waterfall in India is 310 feet. Water falling straight down looks almost like it is pouring down. Its name is Dudh Sagar because of its extremely white water. Dudhsagar, which is densely covered in forests, is a very popular tourist destination. 



It is situated on the Arabian Sea shore.Goa cuisine is known for its rich flavor and spices. The most popular dishes are rice and fish curry. Coconut, rice, fish, and pork are all common. Goans are dependent on seafood like sharks, tuna, and pomfret. Some of the most famous goan dishes are.



This is the most popular diet of every goan. The main ingredients to include are mango, coconut, and pomfret. Kingfish is used instead of pomfret, which looks identical but is much cheaper than pomfret. It’s served with rice.



The spicy chicken dish can be served with salad. Its green color is a sign of health. The chicken may be combined with rice.



Vin means vinegar and halo is garlic in Portuguese. The gravy is made from pork, onion, and potato as well as garlic and spices. This is an old goa dish.



The multi-layered cake is one of the most beloved desserts in goa. This dessert is rich in coconut milk, sugar, and eggs.

By Alberta