In the last couple of decades, B2B sales and marketing have undergone a substantial change. In the past, the sales processes were much more predictable, gradual, and linear. But today, they have become quite sophisticated, complicated, and less dependent on salespersons only. Although the sales process has always been difficult, it is laden with complexities now due to the tough competition. How to move B2B sales forward with the toughness of the business world? What you need are the best and most practical B2B strategies to impress clients. This is what we are going to tell you in this article. Below are the top 4 strategies to rev up B2B sales growth. Use them in your sales and marketing campaign, and convert leads into purchases.

A Strong Email Marketing Strategy is a Must

Social media and other virtual modes have lowered the cost of communication. Due to this, companies and brands can affordably reach their clients. One such mode of marketing emails is extremely economical. For example, email marketing produces $44 for every $1 spent. With these extremely high Return on Investment rates, it is one of the most effective ways of reaching out to leads and prospects.

Moreover, you can also be in touch with your existing customers through emails. Further, you can inform them about new updates and features of your business. This is also helpful in nurturing new prospects to buy your products. However, make sure you avoid your emails getting into the spam folder while using this platform because it will negatively affect your sales strategies for B2B.

Send Valid Content to Your Prospects

Modern B2B businesses have to cater different needs of a diverse audience. Therefore, it is hard to expect the content you send them will equally engage them. To get higher sales conversions and expand your outreach, prepare your prospect by industries, needs, and positions and share only relevant content with them. Sending them irrelevant information will have a negative impact on your sales growth strategies. For instance, SDRs will appreciate reading about how to tackle the fear of cold calling, while marketers will be more interested in emails on how to increase brand awareness. Rather than sending clients irrelevant articles, it is much better to send only content that is relevant and appealing to prospects.

Actively Utilize Cold Calling Channels

Despite the general belief that cold-calling channels are dead, they are one of the best ways of converting leads if done correctly. In fact, more than half of the total VP-level and B2B C-suite buyers prioritize this channel when it comes to contact with them. The main reason is that cold calling is the only mode to have real-time personalized interaction between a client and a salesman. So, if you know how to use these channels to convert leads into leads, you can increase your B2B sales exponentially.

Use Video Testimonials

For a number of reasons, video content has become an essential part of B2B sales and marketing. Even packaging companies use video tutorials to tell customers about the different types of packaging materials they are using. Not only is it entertaining and engaging, but it also has a high ROI. In addition, people like watching a video rather than reading an article about an item. So, video testimonials can increase the prospect of closing a deal by 1.8 times. However, this does not mean that you should launch a YouTube channel right away. Instead of this, you can send personalized video content to your clients. Furthermore, you can also use short videos in your blog. Starting a webinar is also helpful if you are ready to share some business tips with people.