When you own a large house, often one with two bedrooms or more, you normally need to conduct a removal survey. If there are further services required, the removal firm might suggest stopping by your property. This may involve box packing and unpacking, difficult packing that requires many stairs, storage, or awkward furniture that must fit via a window or balcony. The movers will have it measured and calculated correctly to avoid additional charges and the need for more cars, which is why Bookamover always advises having a home study completed.

A removal survey is typically scheduled at a time that is convenient for both sides, and you must allot at least 30 to 40 minutes of your time for the surveyor to visit your property and ask you all the pertinent questions so he or she can accurately determine the cost of the removal. Visit our site today and get services.


Be ready to show the company’s representative everything on the property, both inside and outside, so be prepared. To allow the surveyor to view how much stuff is within the cabinets, lofts, and closets, you will likely be asked gently to open all of them. The amount of objects inside and whether any fragile items need to be packed are the two things the removals surveyor needs to know.
Before, during, or after the survey, vital questions will be asked of you. Which are:
Parking options at the old and new properties – Time restrictions, including when the property must be vacant and when you should expect to get the keys to the new property – Anything that won’t be remaining on the property or being thrown away
– Do you require full or partial packing assistance?
– Value of your stuff and insurance coverage – Do you need assistance or are you going to do it on your own when taking stuff out of the loft or basement? Any height limitations at the new address – Any weight and size limitations for vehicles at both addresses – Moving date will be determined. You will be responsible for any necessary furniture disassembling or reassembling.


Ask all the questions you need to in order to receive an excellent and transparent service. From Bookamover, these are some advice:
– Is the cost determined after the survey, and are there any further fees?
– Is there a time limit for the quotation to be valid? – When will you receive the quotation and how will you receive it? – If there are any delays in receiving the keys, will you be charged extra and what will the cost be? – What will happen if the calculations of the removal cost are incorrect and the removal company may need more people or vehicles.


Every removal firm takes a different technique after conducting a study. Some will determine the cost on the spot. Within 24 hours, others will finish it and email it to you. Ask the surveyor when and how you will receive your removal quotation before they depart. Our UK removal company is the best option for moing. Call us now.