You are visiting Dubai for the first time or are a frequent user, you need anything for travelling like car or any public transport. Dubai is famous for its luxurious life, and if you are seeing this country, you surely need any transportation for your need. If you have a driving license, then it is easy for you to rent any car. But the most common question is how to rent luxury cars in Dubai,

Like if you want most popular cars to rent G63 in Dubai or Lamborghinis.. 

About Dubai

Dubai is a city and emirate in the United Arab Emirates known for luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture and a lively nightlife scene. Burj Khalifa, an 830m-tall tower, dominates the skyscraper-filled skyline. At its foot lies Dubai Fountain, with jets and lights choreographed to music. On artificial islands just offshore is Atlantis, The Palm, a resort with water and marine-animal parks.

About Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, sits off the mainland on an island in the Persian (Arabian) Gulf. Its focus on oil exports and commerce is reflected by the skyline’s modern towers and shopping metacenters such as Abu Dhabi and Marina malls. Beneath white-marble domes, the vast Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque features an immense Persian carpet, crystal chandeliers and capacity for 41,000 worshipers. 

Steps to Rent a Car in Dubai:

Rent Car in Dubai

1st step is how you can judge that car rental is legit because many car rentals charge you later on for the damages and do not give you the deposit back. So you should ensure you are selecting the right car rental in Dubai.

2nd step, as you have selected the car rental in Dubai, you make sure that you have read all the contracts they provided, like the terms and conditions to avoid after rental issues. 

3rd step Submit your docs; the most common doc requirements are the below,

  1. Driving License 
  2.  Passport Copy
  3. The age limit to rent a car is 21 years

4th Step, as you have submitted all your documents, they require some security deposit, and after that, they will hand over the Car now. You ensure you have a brief overlook of the Car at this step. Because later on, they will ask you for even a single scratch, which can be difficult for you if you don’t know about that damage.

5th final step as you have rented a Car now. Make sure to drive it safely. There are many types of fines. Make sure not to speed and follow all traffic rules.

What happened when you returned the Car?

They will receive the Car, and if you have any fines, they will ask you to pay that. Your deposit is with them, and you can get this by 14 days max. They will refund you on the same bank you provided while making the booking with them. You are done and complete your rental journey. Most of the time, it is a safe process, but if you have any issues, you can ask for proof, and they will surely provide you with the best assistance as much possible.

By Alberta