Samsung Galaxy S8 vs S9: Comparison However 2023!

Do you want to get one of these smartphones but you don’t know which one? To help you, we are going to make a comparison of the Samsung Galaxy S8 vs S9 paying special attention to its technical specifications , but do you know the best?

Both phones are high-end, upcoming mobiles in Bangladesh, so in a sense, whatever decision you make, you’re sure to be right . However, for you to choose the one that best suits your needs, we are going to tell you what is the difference between the Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Galaxy S9, are you ready?

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs S9: what hasn’t changed?

Before starting with the issues that tie these two phones, we stop to indicate the characteristics of the Samsung Galaxy S8 that the S9 inherited. This way, when we go into detail, you won’t have to stop and wonder if we missed something, it just didn’t change .

The screen of both phones is the same , with a size of 5.8 inches super AMOLED and a resolution of 1440 x 2960 px. The S8 screen was already good enough, so the South Korean brand decided to leave it.

In the same way, the capacity of the battery , which is usually a fundamental aspect that we look at when choosing a mobile, remains the same. Both the S8 and S9 have a 3000 mAh Li-Ion battery that allows both fast and wireless charging.

Nor are we going to find differences between the Samsung Galaxy S8 vs S9 in matters such as the IP68 certification they have, the headphone jack that is still 3.5, or its compatibility with the Samsung Dex .

So far, what makes these phones the same, now, let’s see what differences there are between the S8 and the S9!

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs S9: what makes them different?

Now that you know what we are not going to stop to compare, let’s go with the important issues that make these different models and that can help you make an appropriate decision for your needs. Prepared?

1. Design

Despite the fact that the infinite screen aesthetic is maintained in both models, the design changes slightly, especially due to an issue that has been tried to improve from the Samsung Galaxy S8 to the S9: the position of the fingerprint reader .

In the S8 this sensor was attached to the camera, something that annoyed some users since instead of putting their finger on the reader they put it on the lens. Now, on the S9, it sits below it, allowing for more natural access . Do you think it is a significant change?

2. Samsung Galaxy S8 vs S9 cameras

In this regard , the megapixels of both phones are the same : 8 megapixels on the front, 12 on the rear. We can see the change in the aperture, which remains the same in the selfie camera, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G Price in Bangladesh, but on the rear it goes from f/1.7 to f/1.5. , which allows us to take better photos in worse light conditions.

Another issue in which the Samsung Galaxy S9 has improved is that it is capable of capturing up to 960 frames per second, while the S8 managed to take 240. That is, the S9’s super slow-motion videos are better.

3. Speakers

This is another of the issues in which we find a difference between the Samsung Galaxy S8 vs S9, the latter incorporates a stereo speaker that provides us with independent left-right sound, which makes it much more enveloping and rich.

4. Security

One of the things I liked the most about the S8 when it came out was the iris recognition, in the S9, in addition to being improved, a novelty has been included. The Intelligent Scan of the S9 is its facial reader , which is capable of locating 100 points on the face so that only you can unlock it.

4. Power

This may be the most important point to take into account before making a decision between the Samsung Galaxy S8 vs S9: its processor and the benefits it can give us.

Indeed, there is an improvement in use and performance compared to the newer model, it is something normal that happens from one generation to another because otherwise it would not make sense. Therefore, the S9 includes an improved processor , named Exynos 8895. What it does keep are the 4 GB of RAM from the S8, but now, better used thanks to this improvement in the processor.

In this case, both the download and upload of files, and the speed is better than the S9 , but nothing has to envy the S8, which even today is still one of the most powerful phones on the market.

5. Price

If it seems to you that the differences are not significant enough to choose between one model and another, perhaps the price will help you decide, especially if you have a budget already set. It is clear that the price of the Samsung Galaxy S8 vs S9 is going to be cheaper, mostly because it is an earlier model, but not because it is bad.

In fact, you can find out all its technical specifications on our website and, in addition, get a Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB on Quality Mobiles for only €330. It is a free model, in several colors to choose from and that is still high-end, which says a lot about its technical capabilities, not to mention its design.

If, on the other hand, you have a little more budget, you have the Samsung Galaxy S9 64 GB at for only €410 , and also in various colors: black, blue and purple. The price is exceptional and the difference is minimal with the S8, considering that it is somewhat better and that it came out a year later.

Do you still have doubts? Check with us! We will recommend the model that best suits your needs and, if you have questions when placing your order, we will help you too!