For the ones acquainted with the field of digital marketing, it is no news that the head of the web spam team of Google disowned the practice of guest posts (calling it ‘too much spam post’). Clock into 2022! 81% of potential customers still conduct online research before purchasing a product. Also, most marketers use white-collar guest post services as a ‘get rich quick’ SEO tactic. Here arises the discrepancy. 

On the one hand – guest posts drive the traffic to the website (though this format takes an extended return on investment time). While on the other hand, industry pundits call it a spamming technique. So, which salient factors will you concentrate on if you want to incorporate these services into the domain? What are the red flags that you must avoid? Let’s discuss that – 

What to note when picking guest post services? 

Since Google has noted some benchmark rules about spamming, are you planning to discontinue its usage? Before that – let’s get to the statistics! Though search engines penalize guest posts that comprise ‘junk’, it is one of the fastest modes to acquire website traffic. 

Even authoritative blogs, such as New York Times and Huffington Post, allow contributions from guest authors. Also, 60% of the bloggers globally – write up 2-5 guest posts monthly. 

With the data mentioned above, one may deduce that the concept of seeking guest post services has not lost credibility. But for sure, one needs to pick competent ones. 

Here are some factors that you must note while hand-picking – 

#Factor 1 – The track record of the authors 

While scouting for guest post services, this is the premier aspect you must check. Picking randomly, most of the guest bloggers have never written a guest post before. They naturally try to curate content, mostly spun and spam-filled, to get links. 

However, authors who are established never compromise on their quality. They have testimonials to match, and their published works stand for their quality. Whatever the scenario – they would not let go of their quality over quantity. 

That is precisely what you want. A writer with an unblemished track record will provide quality guest posts (following the set guidelines) that will outrank your competitors while substantially holding yours to the position. 

#Factor 2 – Watch outgoing links 

Another crucial factor you must be concerned about. For the unversed, specific blogs, such as Search Engine Watch, remove the links, but Huffington Post keeps the links. But what is important here is – do your readers benefit from the same? If not – you will have to remove the links! 

You may have a query here – how to ensure that readers benefit from these links? Here are the guidelines to follow – 

  • While posting, ensure that the Author Bio contains a maximum of 2 links. 
  • For those who wish to reach out with outgoing links, ensure that your post has 4 links (minimum) to get noticed. 

#Factor 3 – Detailed and distinct content 

The third factor you will have to check is – whether the content is detailed and distinct. By detailed, we mean: including statistics, real-time data, analytical surveys, and other facts directly influencing the topic. To be distinct means – free of content-spinning tactics and incorporating some new insights previously not stated. If the concerned guest post services provide this write-up style, that’s the one to pick!  

Before you decide on seeking services of any of the reputed guest post services that are available in the market, assure yourself that they match up to these points. 

However, even when an agency matches the expected standards, there might be some red flags. That would harm your prospects in the future. So, what may those be? 

What are the red flags? 

  • Are they asking for author accounts? If they are, steer clear! They would use your account as a base to build up their position in the industry. 
  • Are authors not ready to build up a community? Then you don’t collaborate with them since they are not looking for a long-term establishment. If not controlled at the correct time, this could lead to disputes in content ownership.   

What are Google’s benchmarks? 

If you are still scrolling through this write-up, we may assume you have comprehended the factors and the red flags. Yet you are interested in seeking guest post services via outsourcing. Then you must see through some benchmarks Google has set for its guest post recognition. 

For starters, its algorithm is sketched to crack spam, junk, and spun content. You might need a bit more grey material if you think of surpassing its technical surveillance. 

Also, you could be penalized when you overuse keywords as anchor texts. Lastly, if you are linking too many sites, be assured of inviting trouble from Google’s end. Adding to penalization, the site may be blacklisted. 

Therefore, before you choose any SEO service package, note the factors and the red flags well. Google checks are strict!   

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