In recent years, Pakistan has seen growth in the selection of available coworking office spaces. Shared office space is beneficial not just for the self-employed and freelancers but also for emerging and expanding businesses.


As a result of the lockdown’s effects on the job market, more people have begun seeking jobs in the freelancer market. In addition to this, the requirement for shared office space has skyrocketed along with the expansion of the freelance industry.


Employees from various professions and industries work together in a shared office setting. However, everyone is working; some manage their enterprises, while others are independent contractors. Furthermore, they may utilize this space as a professional setting to maintain focus and develop novel approaches to solving issues.

What Role Do Shared Office Space Play in Today’s Business World?

Companies are increasingly adopting remote work practices to accommodate employees who do not regularly attend the office. As opposed to working from home, where employees would be isolated, the shared office space provides them with a social environment, meetups, and human connectivity. Businesses and customers can build loyal relationships in coworking environments, which is good for business growth.

What are the Significant Reasons for Adopting Shared Office Space?

Many businesses are opting for shared office space to boost efficiency. Additionally, some of the many advantages of renting serviced offices include the following;

  • Enhance Creativity

Having amenities like in-house gyms and game rooms, as well as advanced community standards, can all contribute to a pleasant and productive workplace.

  • Provide Communication

A common complaint among those who occasionally or permanently work from home is the feeling of isolation that occurs. Workers may find it challenging to solve issues and regularly share information with a group of specialists. As a result, joining a coworking space could provide a fantastic opportunity to meet and interact with influential local business owners.

  • Different Office Culture

The presence of multiple enterprises in one shared office space decreases the likelihood of office competition and rivalry. However, workers can focus on their work without worrying about competition for open positions. Instead, they can focus entirely on their work and be honest about their feelings, problems, and possible solutions as they arise.

  • Provide Flexibility

Sharing office space makes it much simpler to accommodate a flexible working schedule compared to a standard lease on an entire building. In contrast, businesses won’t have to worry about binding themselves to lengthy contracts to obtain the necessary tools.

  • Improve Connectivity

Shared office spaces are great for building connections with everyone, from new clients to experienced professionals.

  • Save Money

Office space for rent is an excellent alternative for businesses that don’t want to be responsible for upkeep. Because of the lack of long-term leases or high monthly rent, companies can save time and money by sharing an office.

  • Security

Businesses should emphasize ensuring the security of their staff in a variety of different ways. However, shared workplaces provide services to ensure the safety of their client’s facilities, networks, and personal possessions.

  • Building Professional Impression

Working from home can be convenient, but having an office space solution where everyone can meet and collaborate could give the organizations a more reputable appearance. Moreover, It is necessary if the company regularly hosts group meetings or has many employees working from the office.

Difference Between Shared Office Space and Serviced Offices

Here’s a brief comparison between serviced offices and shared office space;

Shared Office Space

  1. Open, collaborative, and easily accessible in both individual and group settings.
  2. Due to their commercial focus, serviced offices are generally less attractive and more functional. Extra luxuries like cafes, clubs, and tuck shops are standard services in these establishments.
  3. Managers in shared office spaces are dedicated to assisting their members in successfully integrating new ways of working.
  4. This membership plan has a one-month minimum commitment, and payments are charged monthly.

Serviced Offices

  1. Large enterprises with more private workstations, each occupied by a different business.
  2. Serviced offices, which are made with the needs of the business world in mind, have less flashy advertising and a more serious environment.
  3. Typical contract lengths are between 6-12 months.


Final Thoughts

The utilization of shared office space is advantageous for businesses located all over the world. It enables companies to cut costs by sharing office space with other enterprises. Moreover, it facilitates new businesses by reducing costs and boosting effective corporate operations. Thus, self-employed people have a better chance of success when they have access to professional guidance and a supportive work environment.