Are you scheduling a long weekend trip near Bangalore? If so, our list of the best hiking tracks near Bangalore will be useful when you start your research. Let us venture on a journey to the lesser-known but incredibly engaging places near Bangalore that will give your weekend a new purpose.


It’s time to leave the hustle and bustle and move to this trekking place. This will surely provide you with serenity. 

Best Travel Attractions in Bangalore


Scroll down for another great trip near Bangalore where you should embark on the best journey. Here we have provided you with the best you can find.


Nandi Hills – A Trek In Tipu Sultan’s Summer Retreat:


Located at an altitude of 1478 m, the hills of Nandi or Nandidurg are one of the most well-known hiking trails near Bangalore. One can ascend 1,200 steps to reach Tipu Sultan’s summer palace at the top. It is a mesmerising place and offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding hills and Amrita Sarovar. One can rehearse rock climbing and rappel from Tipu’s Drop – the famous rock outcrop of Nandi Hills.


Distance from Bangalore: 60 km

Difficulty level: Easy to measure

Highlights: The place where the most photogenic sunrise comes is Tipu drop (rock outcrop)

Things to do: Paragliding, cycling, shopping,


Anthargange – A Unique Place In Karnataka:


Volcanoes, rocks, caves, and small peaks have made Anthargange one of the most visited hiking trails in Bangalore. This route is a mixture of hiking and cave exploration. This is a 3-kilometre trip that takes you on hard, tricky roads and some amazing sights. Considered one of the best hiking trails near Bangalore, this trip is of any kind, making it one of the finest hiking trips around Bangalore.


Distance from Bangalore: 70 km

Difficulty Level: Easy to measure

Highlights: Night camps in caves

Things to do: Explore, walk, visit Someshwara temple


Channarayana Durga – Claimed by the Beauty of the Environment:


To enjoy the extreme beauty of the hills and ancient palaces, take a trip to Channarayana Durga. A one-day trek in the centre near Bangalore takes about half a day to climb and to know more about the Maratha castle at the top. There are no proper signboards, so passengers are sometimes baffled when pointing. With so much to offer, it is one of the best hiking treks near Bangalore.


Distance from Bangalore: 100 km

Difficulty Level: Average

Highlights: This area grows herbs with medicinal value

Things to do: Witness sunrise, hiking, sightseeing


Tadiandamol – The Second Highest point in Karnataka:


Being one of the highest peaks, Tadiandamol is located in Coorg, at 1748 m above sea level. Considered one of the best hiking trails, this is also a great hike for beginners as well as for experts. It is known as the second loftiest point in Karnataka, a Tadiandamol trip is a great option to spend time in nature. 

Distance between Tadiandamol and Bangalore: 268 Kms

Difficulty Level: Average

Highlights: Scenic view of nature

Things to do: Must visit places are kibbe hills, chelavara falls etc 


Kumara Parvatha – The 6th Highest trekking peak of Karnataka:


Kumara Parvatha better known as Pushpagiri is known as the loftiest mountain in the Pushpagiri wildlife area. This also holds the record for being the 6th most elevated point in Karnataka. The Kumara Parvatha trek is one of the most difficult journeys in the South that takes about 2 days to complete. The total span of the trip is 13 km and is located at an altitude of 4000 meters. Located in the village of Subrahmanya, this is one of the best trips you can encounter with adventure junkies. This place is one of the finest and must-visit places near Bangalore.


Travel distance:- The distance between Kumar parvatha and Bangalore is 268 km.

Difficulty Level: Difficult

Highlights: Scenic view, Village lifestyle

Things to do: Taking pictures, camping, bending


Kunti Betta – Travel with Excitement & a lot of Thrill:


With a cocktail of the landscape of stone, grassy backgrounds, and granite outcrops, Kunti Betta is one of the best hiking paths near Bangalore known for night walks. Walking all night near Bangalore at Kunti Betta is delightful and worth the pain it takes to walk through it. People come up at night and enjoy the exquisite sunrise and outstanding views of the surrounding paddy fields, forests and glorious lake.


Distance from Bangalore: 122 km

Difficulty Level: Average

Highlights: A sensational view of Lake Thonnur

Things to do: Must visit places like Kunti Kund, Kunti temple & parikrama point.


By Alberta