During the reopening of schools after the winter break, more than 206 educational facilities in Abu Dhabi can be accessed by people of determination, thanks to a new initiative by the Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination (ZHO), with support from Emirates Schools Establishment and several of its hospitality and tourism strategic partners.

WAM reports that the authorities have completed the first smart geographical map ‘Smart’ to enable people of determination access to 296 establishments at the Abu Dhabi level that are prepared to receive them in a variety of sectors including Abu Dhabi Island and its suburbs, Al Ain region and Al Dhafra region, 206 of which are educational facilities.

To Make Abu Dhabi An Accessible And Friendly City:

For people of determination, the ZHO has taken this initiative in coordination and cooperation with the Emirates Schools Establishment. At the beginning of 2022, ZHO developed the smart map to strengthen the emirate’s reputation as a friend of people who are determined, so that all facilities equipped to receive them can be reached, and that parents and families can reach the facilities that are appropriate for their children.

Establishments With Facilities Adapted:

To people of determination have been verified following inspections by ZHO’s representatives throughout the emirate. Through this feature, people with disabilities and their families can search for services that are accessible through Google Maps and learn about the facilities inside before visiting.

To facilitate access for people of determination, ZHO has confirmed that it is working with all authorities in the emirate, pointing out that cooperation is crucial between the various authorities concerned in providing various services. There are various facilities and facilitations available to people of determination, such as airports, airlines, hotels, a wide range of transportation modes, communication, websites, and shopping centers.

Model Of Inspiration:

According to Abdullah Abdul Ali Al Humaidan, Secretary-General of ZHO, people of determination form a fundamental foundation for society’s development and contribute to a wide variety of sectors by virtue of their strong will and superior and qualitative abilities. By presenting and implementing initiatives capable of meeting their needs, they are able to advance their aspirations and provide incentives for them. People of Determination and the National Policy for People of Determination are alignes with the Emirate of Abu Dhabi’s strategy.

The UAE is a society dominating by people of determination, and our wise leadership takes good care of them and works to empower them as members of society as a whole, and the educational facilities in the emirate are the most important sectors in the field, as are all sectors of this field.

With Its Facilities, Services, And Environmental Preparations,

That enable people of determination to reach them naturally, ZHO aims to relieve families and parents of the hardship of searching for places that suit the children of the people of determination.

Due to its keenness to adopt advanced solutions and provide everything necessary to support their full societal integration, Al Humaidan indicated that the UAE is a valuable model for supporting and facilitating environmental preparation for a wide range of groups of determined people. Together with strategic partners in all sectors, ZHO plays a key role in empowering these groups. Within the emirate of Abu Dhabi through care and rehabilitation.

As part of Abu Dhabi’s integrated approach that adopts a new global standard for their empowerment and integration into society, he pointed out the emirate’s commitment to work mechanisms that support people of determination and contribute to achieving the emirate’s vision.

Providing Empowerment:

Nafie Ali Al Hammadi, Executive Director of the Support Services Sector at ZHO state that when organizations are involves. With different strategic partners then their goal is to provide proper empowering system. To the people of various regions and sectors. He further said that ZHO will hold all the information of the tourists received regarding the places. They go and the facilities they get and also this map would help in the ongoing projects. And at the same time add information about the developments made.

70 Percent Of Smartphone Owners Use The Google Platform,

To find directions, find addresses, and locate tourist attractions. Smartphones, desktop computers, laptops, and tablets are all able to access the map.

“These maps assist residents and tourists in finding all the services and tourist attractions. That provide services for people of determination throughout the Emirate of Abu Dhabi,” said Dania Moqdad Al-Adhami. Civil Engineer with the Organization’s Department of Environment. And Occupational Health and Safety. We add places to the map after ZHO evaluates them. Or if they are directly contacting to confirm accessibility for people with disabilities. Her remarks regarding the facilities listed on the map. Adapted for people of determination were as follows: “206 schools. 12 tourist facilities, 35 hotels of different categories, three mosques, three high schools. Seven shopping centers, seven cultural centers, seven restaurants, two hospitals and 15 public gardens are including.”

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