Smith School of Business offers a Master of Digital Product Management program. It is a cross-disciplinary program designed for changemakers. It is one of the best programs if you are planning to study in Canada. The highlights of the Smith School of Business Master of Digital Product Management program are-

  • Innovative Curriculum
  • Blended Approach
  • Short and Intensive Duration
  • Integrated Learning Streams
  • Experiential Learning
  • Expert Leadership
  • Flexible Delivery
  • Great Career Outcome

The Curriculum of the Program

The curriculum of the Smith School of Business Master of Digital Product Management is based on three pillars i.e. Knowledge Stream, Application Stream, and Experiential Learning.

Knowledge Stream– The courses offered by the Knowledge Stream are Introduction to Digital Product Management, Digital Strategy and Innovation, Emerging Computing Technologies, Digitalization and Ethics, Data-Driven Decision-Making, Organizational Experimentation, Software Systems Security, Gamification and Usability, Digital Product Marketing and Digital Leadership. You can also pursue Msc marketing in Canada for a more holistic overview.

Application Stream– Application Stream focuses on skill development. The courses offered by the Application Stream are Design Thinking and Discovery, Systems Thinking and Digitalization, Prototyping, and Evaluation of the Digital Products, Product Analytics, Optimizing the User Experience, Architecture Integration, and Technical Operations and Scaling the Digital Products for Growth.

Experiential Learning– Experiential Learning allows students to design, build, and optimize Digital Products for a client. The students are supported by faculty and a dedicated industry advisor. The practicum offered are- DPM Practicum 1: Discovery, Design and Build and DPM Practicum 2: Build, Scale and Optimize.

Teaching Methods-

Faculty Members

The faculty members are-

  • Shamel Addas- Associate Professor and Faculty Fellow of Digital Technology
  • Kathryn Brohman- Associate Professor & Distinguished Faculty Fellow in Digital Product
  • Jacob Brower- Associate Professor & Distinguished Fellow in Marketing
  • Abhirup Chakrabarti- Associate Professor in Strategy
  • Steven Ding- Adjunct Faculty
  • Micheal Friedmann-Chief Operating Officer

Application Requirements and Deadlines

The application requirements for the Smith School of Business Master of Digital Product Management program are-

  • Resume
  • A Cover Letter that states why you want to study this program.
  • A Statement of Diversity
  • Two References
  • Completed Application Form
  • An Undergraduate Degree from a recognized university with a B+ grade
  • A minimum of two years of work experience
  • IELTS/TOEFL scores
  • Coding skills
  • Completed an introductory( entry-level) undergraduate course in business and one introductory course in business technology or computing

Geographic Restrictions

The Smith School of Business Master of Digital Product Management has a team-based format. The applicants must be living and working in America.

Cost of the Program and Financial Aid

The cost of the Smith School of Business Master of Digital Product Management for domestic students is CAD 39,000 and for international students is CAD 62,000.

Financial Aid

The scholarship options are-

  • Dean’s Entrance Scholarship
  • Scholarships for Black Students
  • Scholarships for Indigenous Students

Financing Options

The financing options are-

  • Employer Support
  • Student Line of Credit( Domestic Students)
  • Student Loan( International Students)
  • Personal Income Tax Treatment of Tuition Fees( Domestic Student)
  • RRSP Withdrawals( Domestic Students)

Program Highlights

The program delivers-

  • A cross-disciplinary course that synthesizes Business and Technology. The program provides a comprehensive understanding of the management and lifecycle of digital products.|
  • Two consecutive learning streams. One stream focuses on knowledge and the other focuses on experiential learning.
  • A nine-month practicum that teaches students to discover, design and build and implement a digital solution for a client.
  • A low code development approach that allows students to apply specialized learning without extensive technological training.
  • Virtual learning classes that are delivered on evenings and weekends. This blended format allows students to learn while they work.
  • Personal Development Workshops and career advancement workshops
  • The program is taught by internationally renowned faculty from the Smith School of Business and Queens School of Computing. The faculty offers rich academic and industry expertise.
  • Direct access to top recruiters

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