lox vs smoked salmon can last up to seven days in the fridge, and it’s pretty easy to tell when it’s bad. If you don’t like having a fishy smell around your apartment, try storing your smoked salmon in an airtight container with as little oxygen as possible. The less moisture there is on top of the food, the longer it will stay fresh until you eat or use it up.

Lox will last up to two weeks in the fridge when wrapped tightly.

Once you’ve opened the package, you can store your lox in the fridge for up to two weeks. Make sure to wrap tightly and leave room in between each layer of fish so that air can circulate properly.

When it comes time to eat your lox, make sure they’re not too cold or too warm before serving them! This can affect the taste of your salmon and make it less enjoyable than eating fresh from the source. If you’re planning on eating outside of your home’s fridge (or if someone else is taking over), then make sure that they’re at room temperature when served—but don’t let them sit out any longer than necessary; otherwise they’ll start becoming soft and mushy instead of crispy again!

Lox and smoked salmon are not interchangeable products.

You may be wondering whether what is lox or smoked salmon is the better option for you. Both products can be made from brine-cured salmon, but they have different tastes and textures.

Lox is a traditional Jewish dish that uses salted water to cure the fish before it’s smoked and served cold on rye bread with lemon juice and dill. Traditional lox has less salt than other types of cured fish like gravlax or hákarl (Norwegian), which makes it tenderer than its counterparts without being overly salty or too strong in flavor. It’s also milder in taste—the saltiness comes through more at the end of each bite rather than throughout your mouth—but not so much that you can’t enjoy eating it straight off the plate!

Smoked salmon isn’t just another way to prepare cured fish; instead, it’s considered one important part of how chefs create their own signature dishes using this popular ingredient! In fact, many chefs consider smoked salmon just as important as any other ingredient when making their signature dishes: if there weren’t enough eggs Benedict available at restaurants across America then we wouldn’t have any leftovers today either!”


While there are many different products sold under the name “lox,” the differences between these two foods are clear. Lox is a cured fish product that was traditionally made by brining and curing, whereas smoked salmon is cooked until it reaches an internal temperature of 160°F (71°C). While both products have their own unique qualities, they’re not interchangeable and should be treated as such when you’re shopping for your next snack! If we may be of any similar assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us (ajalijutt89@gmail.com).

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